Рабочий лист "Great Inventions" 8 класс

Task 1. Listen to the text and choose whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).
0) The wheel is playing a key role in many societies. T
00) The wheel was given to people by Gods. F
01) Wheel is one of the modern devices.
02) We know exactly the origin of the wheel.
03) It was first used for transport 3 thousand years ago.
04) Crops and food were moved to increase the population.
05) The first roads appeared 8 thousand BC.
06) The form of the wheel was used only for moving heavy things.
07) The wheel has never been used for generating energy.
08) The wheel became an essential device in industrial revolution.
Task 2. Watch the video again and fill in missing information.
0) One invention that’s played the key role in many of societies…
1) It’s one of history’s ___________ technological devices.
2) But the exact origins of the wheel as we know are _____________.
3) The combined use of wheel and excel as a device for ___________was first seen around 3
thousand BC.
4) The wheel that used on farmers’ _________ allowed the moving off crops.
5) You could move ___________and food staffs in from the farm lands.
6) …enterprising inventors … found the wheel to be an ____________and versatile tool.
7) Fly wheels and police allowed for heavy stones and rocks to be _____________…
8) allowing cities to rise up quicker, _____________and more efficiently.
9) Water wheels became a ____________source for generating early forms of power.
10) …helping to spark the ______________revolution.
Task 3. Read the text and underline all the examples of may, might and could. Which two are
Imagine a boy is talking to a girl he secretly loves. But how does she feel about him?
She may love him too, or she may not even like him. How can he find out? Ask her? That could
be embarrassing for both of them and she might not give him a true answer. No, this boy needs the
Romance Reader. Load the software onto a pocket PC, press ‘start’ and just chat to a person you are
interested in. The Romance Reader listens and tells you how he or she usually feels about you.
It might be the start of a big romance…
Task 4. Study the following information and complete the rules.
1) To talk about possibility in present and future we use may/might/could followed by the infinitive
without to.
They may/might/could be at home.
2) We use may not or __________ not for the negative. We don’t use __________ not.