Рабочий лист “A Formal Letter of Complaint” 8 класс

1) What do these words mean?
To enclose-
2) Read the letter and answer the questions:
1) What is the name of the gadget?
2) Where and when did he buy it?
3) What is the problem with it?
4) What does he want the company to do?
23 Varston Rd
London IPQ14 2BM
March 2010
Customer Service Department
Computers Online
Liverpool SW12 6PT
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing a letter of complaint about an UltraFast modem that I recently bought from
your website.
When it arrived, I connected it to my PC, but it does not work. I cannot access the Internet
or send e-mails.
I am enclosing the modem together with the receipt.
Could you please replace the modem as soon as possible?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully
Peter Watson
Peter Watson
3) In which paragraph can we put the following phrases:
I am writing to complain…
I would be grateful if you could…
I am enclosing…
Could you please…?
I look forward to hearing from you.
4) Imagine that you’ve bought one of the given electronic devices. Choose a fault and
write letter of complaint (120-150 words) in e-mail to Customer Service
A gadget
A fault
A mobile phone
MP3 player
Digital camera
Games console
CD player
You can’t play your CDs
The pictures are black and white
There’s no sound
You can’t switch it on
You can’t switch it off
Include the information:
What the gadget is called, where and when you bought it
What the problem is
Tell the company you are returning the gadget. Ask them to repair it or send your money
Check your work.
Have you followed the rules for formal letters?
Have you included all the information in the task?
Have you checked your spelling, punctuation, grammar?
Have you checked the volume of the words?
Send your letter to Customer Service Department on anyuta_makarova@mail.ru