Презентация "It is difficult to imagine it as an invention" 11 класс

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It is difficult to imagine it as an invention
  • What inventions were made in the 19th and 20th centuries?
  • What invention did Alexander Bell make?
  • What important inventions were made in Russia?
  • Do you know the names of the inventors?
Match the inventors with their inventions
  • A. Bell
  • A. Morita
  • H. Ford
  • The Lumiere brothers
  • B. Gates
  • I. Wilmot
  • K. Benz
  • S. Korolyov
  • Microsoft DOS (Disc Operating System)
  • The first cinema
  • The idea of cloning
  • The first petrol engine
  • Telephone
  • Car assembly line
  • The first artificial satellite
  • Personal stereo
  • The house (to build) by me father 20 years ago.
  • The first plane (to invent) in 1903.
  • It was sunny in the morning, but the weather (to change) by the rain.
  • A hundred specialists (to employ) by the company last year.
  • The president of the company (to elect) last week.
  • The broken TV set (to return) to the shop and replaced by the new one.
Make the sentences passive
  • C. Columbus discovered America 200 years ago.
  • She wrote a letter.
  • A man followed us from the railway station.
  • The workers built a new factory.
  • We didn’t notice the car because it was dark.