План-разработка "Health is better than wealth" 8 класс

урока в 8 классе
по учебнику Афанасьевой О.В., Михеевой И.В.
«Английский язык», 4-й год обучения
по теме:
«Health is better than
учитель МОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная
школа №43 имени Г.К. Жукова» г. Курска
Кулакова Елена Николаевна
2010 г.
Тема урока: «Health is better than wealth»
Цели: В ходе творческой, самостоятельной, индивидуальной и групповой
работы учащихся:
формировать лексические навыки по теме «Health is better than wealth»
формировать навыки чтения с целью поиска конкретной информации
развивать коммуникативные умения учащихся, умение обобщать и
делать выводы
развивать мыслительные операции (способность устанавливать
логические связи)
развивать личностную активность (высказывать свою точку зрения)
воспитывать активную жизненную позицию, ответственное отношение
к своему здоровью, умение работать в сотрудничестве
Учебные пособия: карточки с пословицами, наглядные пособия (плакат
«Vitamins»), раздаточный материал (анкеты, карточки о здоровом образе
жизни, макеты рыб), компьютер, магнитофон).
Ход урока:
I. Организационный момент. Приветствие.
Good morning, cadets!
How are you getting on today?
What shall we do today?
We are going to deal with a very important problem “Our health”.
The theme of our lesson is “Health is better than wealth”.
II. Фонетическая зарядка.
Let’s remember some proverbs about it.
Some of you will get the beginning of the proverb and the other the end.
You must find your pair.
1. A change of activity is the best rest
2. Live not to eat but eat to live
3. An apple a day keeps a doctor away
4. Healthy mind in a healthy body
5. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
6. He who has healthy has hope, and he who has everything.
(Учащиеся выходят к доске и прикрепляют получившиеся пословицы)
And how do you understand the proverb An apple a day keeps a doctor
(Учащиеся высказывают своё мнение)
III. Работа с анкетой.
Do you know if you are really healthy?
To help you to learn, if it is so, answer this questionnaire. Tick “Yes” or “No”
IV. Защита проектной работы по теме “Environment
Our health depends on many things:
- the food we eat
- the air we breathe or our environment
- the wish keeping fit
- good and bad habits
Nowadays the problem of ecology becomes very pressing. Let everybody
remember: we live only once and not a very long life. We have one Earth for all
those who love it and who don’t.
The group of cadets is responsible for this task. Get ready to answer my
questions after this project work.
1. What does the word “environment” mean?
2. What are the most serious environmental problems?
3. What makes sea water dangerous nowadays?
4. What must we do to make air clean again?
Make up 8 sentences about ecology
should be
healthy to eat.
safe to live on.
clean and not dangerous to bathe in.
rivers, lakes and
powerful and happy to live in.
unpolluted and clean to breathe.
rich in birds and animals.
clear and safe to drink.
healthy and happy.
V. Релаксация.
Sit comfortably.
Close your eyes.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Let’s pretend it’s summer.
You are lying on a sandy beach.
The weather is fine.
The light wind is blowing from the sea.
The birds are singing.
You have no troubles.
No serious problems.
You are quiet.
There is calm in your body.
You are relaxing.
Your troubles float away.
You love your relatives, your school, your friends.
They love you too.
The Earth is full of wonders.
You can do anything. You are sure of yourself, that you have much energy.
You are in good spirits.
Open your eyes.
How do you feel?
VI. Защита проекта “Mc Donalds food
People say that you are what you eat.
We are going to speak about the food we eat.
Mc Donald’s food has been popular. But is this food healthy?
I think that after this report you will prefer only healthy food. Eat a lot of
vitamins. We need them to stay healthy.
(Сообщение на тему «О пользе витаминов»)
VII. Чтение текста и ответы на вопросы после него.
Keeping fit does not only mean healthy habits. It is also very important to
avoid stress. You will be able to do it if you follow these rules.
Let’s read the text and answer the questions after it.
Three rules to be healthy
Rule one. Laugh often. It is very good for your health. Of all the animals
only we humans can laugh. We laugh when we react to something funny or
pleasant. When we laugh so many parts of our body take pert and exercise: the
face, the arms, the legs and the chest. Ancient people said “Laughter is the best
medicine.” Scientists proved that laughter help to cure illnesses.
Rule two. Sleep well. Most of us need seven or eight hours of sleep. When
somebody says he has been sleeping less than a couple of hours for a week, pity
him. If you stay for a week, you will get hallucinations and after doctors cure you
of them you will have a long lasting depression. So try not to sleep less than you
Rule three. Have a hobby. Hobbies make us feel sociable, busy, interested
and happy. The best pastime surely is the one when we have to exercise. If
gardening or keeping a dog is not for you, grow cactuses, buy an aquarium, play
the guitar or collect postcards get pleasure from anything but food. Many people
open their fridges not of hunger but because they just have nothing to do!
1) What are the rules to keeping fit?
2) When do people usually laugh?
3) Why is laughter a good exercise?
4) What did ancient people say about laughter?
5) How long do people usually need to sleep?
6) What complications can a person develop if he doesn’t sleep for a long time?
7) How do hobbies help avoid stress?
8) What sort of pastime is the best in your opinion?
VIII. Разгадывание кроссворда по теме «Здоровье»
Are you tired?
Then have a rest. Solve the puzzle “Health”
1. A pain in the head. (headache)
2. A pert of a body that helps us to see the word. (eye)
3. We breathe it in and breathe it out. (air)
4. A doctor listens to your heart and … (lungs)
5. When you have a running nose and a cough you also have a … (temperature)
6. a place where we get medical help (hospital)
Игра «Рыбалка»
Now we’ll go fishing.
Here is a lake and fish with different diseases. You must get a fish and your
friends will give you some advices.
I have a headache.
I have a temperature.
I have a toothache.
I have a cough.
I have a running nose.
I have a pain in the leg.
Ученики дают советы:
If you have … you should / shouldn’t …
IX. Проверка диалогов по теме «Посещение врача»
If you have some diseases you should consult the doctor.
X. Объяснение домашнего задания.
Написать эссе на тему: Would you like to become a doctor / a dentist / a
nurse? Why? Why not?
XI. Групповая работа
Divided into 3 groups and write down you advices to be healthy.
Учащиеся делятся на группы, каждая из которых должна составить
свои рекомендации по ведению здорового образа жизни.
Работа занимает 3-5 минут и проходит под музыкальное
сопровождение. По одному представителю от каждой группы выходят к
доске и прикрепляют на неё список своих рекомендаций. Ученики читают
рекомендации по очереди.
XII. Подведение итогов урока.
Учащиеся обсуждают, что понравилось и что не понравилось на уроке.
Учитель высказывает своё мнение и объявляет итоговые оценки за урок.
Let’s make the conclusion to our work. You have shown you know ledge, you
know some proverbs, same medical definitions, you can have a talk with a
doctor. And I hope that you will take care of your health not only at the lesson
but also in everyday life.
Do you know if you are really healthy?
To help you to learn if it is so, answer this questionnaire
Tick Yes or No.
1. Do you begin your day with morning exercises,
do it regularly and with a great pleasure?
2. Do you spend a lot of time out of doors every
3. Do you refuse from bad habits (smoking,
drinking, snacking between meals or eating after
6 p.m.)?
4. Do you limit your time you spend in front of the
television and the computer?
5. Are you sporty? Do you go in for sport or join a
sports club?
6. Do you keep to a healthy balanced diet?
7. Do you have a hobby?
Count your points. One point for each answer «Yes».
7 points: You are quite healthy.
3-6 points: Not bad, but be attentive to your health.
0-2 points: Oh, dear! Change your lifestyle. You should think about your