Презентация "Health above wealth"

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Health above Wealth
  • How and what to do?
  • - How do bad habits influence our health and our appearance? – What does our health depend on? – Is it important to care about our health and our appearance?  – How should we do it? – What should we do to keep fit and be healthy?
The Aim of our Lesson is:
  • To discuss the ways to stay healthy
  • To present projects on healthy lifestyle
  • Care about
  • Health habits
  • Influence
  • Pay attention to
  • Depend on
  • Cause
  • High fibre food
  • Promote
  • Convince
  • Keep healthy
  • Affect
  • Physical activity
  • Gain weight
  • Deadly
Good and Bad Habits
  • healthy diet, do sports, eating sweets, drinking alcohol, obesity,  snacking, eating breakfast, smoking, taking drugs, skipping breakfast, exercising, eating high fibre food, physical inactivity, sleeping too much or too little, regular meals, eating wholemeal bread, sleeping 7 or 8 hours, eating low fat food, getting up early
How bad habits influence our health
  • Smoking …
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Taking drugs …
  • Some teenagers look pale and tired because
  • social controls                                                                   
  • causes slow reactions and loss of memory
  • makes our teeth yellow and our hair, clothes smell.
  • they have problems with their hair and skin
  • causes a cough and  headache.
  • affects the whole family and the people around you.
  • makes your brain centres sleep and affects your
  • they don’t get enough vitamins and minerals.
  • makes our speech unclear.
  • they have anaemia
Proverbs about Health
  • 1 Health is better
  • 2 Early to bed and early to rise     
  •  3 Healthy mind     
  •  4 An apple a day     
  • 5 Live not to eat     
  • 6 Eat with pleasure,     
  • 7 A change of activity
  •  a. but eat to live.     
  • b. is the best rest.     
  • c. drink with measure.   
  • d. keeps a doctor away.       
  • e. in a healthy body.
  • f. makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • g. than wealth.
Projects on:
  • Tips on healthy living for:
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Elderly people
  • Tips on healthy eating
Let’s Make a Conclusion: Every one of us is responsible for the style of life he wants to follow.
  • Every one of us is responsible for the style of life he wants to follow.
  • Eat fresh foodDrink plenty of water
  • Follow a balanced healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Be patient, do not you just get the frustration with the slow results
  • Spend most of the time with those you love
  • Get good sleep to give your body time to relax
  • Learn how to laugh.
  • Stop watching TV programs, especially the serious news if you are in a bad psychological state.
Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!