Тест "Страна изучаемого языка и родная страна. Достопримечательности" 7 класс

Тест по теме «Страна изучаемого языка и родная страна.
Достопримечательности » 4 четверть, 7класс.
A Choose the correct answer
1. London was founded by… more than 2000 years ago.
a) the Romans b) the Normans
2. Buckingham Palace is the residence of the British …
a) monarchs b) prime-ministers
3. London stands on the…
a) the Trent b) the Thames
4. British monarchs are crowned in…
a) St. Paul Cathedral b) Westminster Abbey
5. You can see Nelson’s column in the middle of…
a) Trafalgar Square b) Piccadilly Circus
B Put the right article: a) the b) a
1. Lomonosov, … great Russian scientist was born in the north of Russia.
2. … outstanding Russian poet Pushkin was born in Moscow/
3. Nekrasov,… great Russian poet was born near Yaroslavl.
4. …well-known English writer Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon.
5. … famous American writer Jack London traveled a lot.
C Make the sentences Passive
1. The Tower of London ( found) by W. the Conqueror.
2. London ( destroy) by the Great Fire.
3. The Winter Palace ( transform) into a museum after the October
4. Buckingham Palace (decorate) by best British designers.
5.The Peter and Paul Fortress (build) in 1740.
D Put the right article: a) --- b) the
1. …Tsar Cannon
2. … Westminster Abbey
3…. Pavel Tretyakov
4…. Uspensky Cathedral
5… Prince Y. Dolgoruky
6… Winter Palace
7…. National Gallery
8…. Princess Diana
9…. St. Petersburg
10…. Peter the Great