Технологическая карта занятия "Describing a favorite book" 7 класс

7.3A Reading for pleasure
Term 3 Unit 1
School: 16
Date: 31.01.2019
Teacher’s name: Toiyndykova A. M.
Grade: 7 V
Number present: 12
absent: 2
Theme of the lesson
Describing a favorite book.
Learning objectives(s) that
this lesson is contributing to
7.L1 Understand with little support the main points in extended talk on
a limited range of general and curricular topics.
7.S8 Recount some extended stories and events on a growing range of
general and curricular topics.
7.UE15 Use infinitive forms after a limited number of verbs and
Lesson objectives
All learners will be able to:
Understand most specific information and detail while
Describe a favourite book.
Most learners will be able to:
Complete listening task with all the missing words;
Understand whether statements are true or false while listening;
Use gerund and infinitive accurately.
Some learners will be able to:
Complete listening tasks with two missing words without
spelling mistakes.
Language objective
Book vocabulary:
favorite book
genre (fantasy, love story, detective)
like reading / like to read
Grammar: gerund and infinitive
Value links
Lifelong learning, Collaboration, Respect to different opinions,
Transparency in evaluation, Global Awareness
Cross curricular links
Kazakh, Russian and English Literature through discussing fiction and
non-fiction books
Previous learning
Fiction and Non-Fiction Literature
Use of ICT
Projector or Smart board for showing a presentation
Intercultural awareness
Accept diversity of other cultures’ literature
Kazakh culture
Discussion of Kazakh fiction and non-fiction books
Pastoral Care
Student centered teaching: respect, support and scaffolding;
To create a friendly atmosphere for collaborative work.
Promote a sense of self-esteem and self-respect and respect for others
among all the learners.
Health and Safety
Everyday classroom precautions will ensure that safety measures are
provided to prevent the exposure of electrical power cords
1-3 min
PPP, slide 1
4-12 min
12- 18 min
PPP, slide 2
PPP, slide 3
PPP, slide 4
om/h/harry_potter.html -
Listening “Harry Potter”
Worksheet with tasks
words on the wall
18-25 min
25-37 min
38-40 min
PPP, slide 5
to them and which pair worked well.
Additional information
Differentiation how do
you plan to give more
support? How do you
plan to challenge the
more able learners?
Differentiation will
be implemented
through presenting
different leveled
tasks on listening.
For less able learners-
complete the sentences
with one missing word
For more able learners-
complete the sentences
with two missing words.
Assessment how are you
planning to check learners’
Assessment criteria will be
presented to the learners
before starting speaking
Observe learners when
presenting their dialogues.
Did each learner contribute
to the dialogue? If not, why
not? (e.g. didn’t understand
what to do; not so confident
speaking English; not
interested in topic; other)
Monitor learners to check
they can pick up specific
details and understand main
points when listening about
Harry Potter
Critical thinking
Analyzing the pictures of
book characters and guessing
the books
Summary evaluation
What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?
What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?
What have I learned from the lesson about this class or individuals that will inform my next lesson?