Тест "We must help people around" 5 класс

TEST “We must help people around”
1. Translate from English into Russian :
1. local hospital 6. to wash off graffiti
2. to do tricks 7. lonely people
3. to pick up litter 8. to sew so ft toys
4. a leaf 9. to clean up neighbourhood
5. secondhand toys 10. to collect
2. Use the verbs have or has:
1. I picked up litter.
2. My sister sewn soft toys.
3. We helped children in a local hospital.
4. You done tricks.
5. He raked leaves.
6. She collected secondhand books.
7. My friends washed off graffiti from the walls.
8. They cleaned up neighbourhood.
9. Tom done the shopping.
10. Children helped elderly and lonely people.
3. Fill in the gaps with the correct verb forms ( Present Perfect ):
1. My Dad (rake) the leaves in the garden.
2. Helen (water) the flowers today.
3. I (do) the shopping this week.
4. My mum (clean up) the house today.
5. She (sew) soft toys this month.
6. We (wash) off graffiti from the walls.
7. They (do) tricks in a local hospital.
8. My friends (pick) up litter today.
9. Children (help) lonely and elderly people this month.
10.Boys and girls (collect) secondhand books.