Презентация "Zhukovsky is the best town on the Earth" 5 класс

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Zhukovsky is the best town on the Earth. Aircraft Memorial in Zhukovsky (near the intersection of Gagarin and Myasishcheva) Russian Orthodox Church Eternal flame

23 April 1947 year –

Is the town`s Birthday

Nickolay Yegorovitch Zhukovsky

The birthday of the town is on 23 April 1947 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the main town-forming enterprise Central Airohydrodynamic Institute by Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky. Since then, the whole life of the city and its inhabitants connected with aviation. In 2008, the city received the status of science city. WE learn planes to fly

TSAGI is the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute

By N.E Zhukovsky

Chaplygin S.A.

Keldysh M.V.

Hristianovich S.A..


Тupoltv А.N..

We learn planes to fly

Vertical hydrodynamic pipe T-105

We teach people to fly






LII Flight – research Institute  by. M. M. Gromov

Research Institutes


The NIIP research Institute of instrument by. V. V. Tikhomirov


Agat" Moscow research Institute

International Aviation and Space Salon(МАКS) the Pilot

Nikolai Alferov


navigator Test USSR

T-4 Sotka

The supersonic missile shock

The streets are named after them

Chkalov V.P.

Gagarin U.A.

Fedotov A.V.

Korolev S.P


Garnaev A. U.

Streets of the town of Zhukovsky Gagarin street Today, Gagarin Street is the main traffic artery of the city. Named after the famous Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin New and old.

Mayakovskaya street

Named after

the Russian writer

Vladimir Mayakovsky

 The central part in Zhukovsky

Boulevard Mayakovsky in Zhukovsky is a pedestrian zone in the center of Zhukovsky,which situated along the street Mayakovsky.

Pushkin street

The sport complex was built on Pushkin street 10 years ago.

Named in honor of the great Russian writer Alexander Pushkin

Stadium «Meteor»

Vladimir Putin at the

stadium «Meteor»

«“ Zhukovsky has all possibilities to become dynamically developing centre of aircraft engineering not only in Russia but also of Europe and the world»

V.V Putin

Zhukovsky International Airport is Moscow's fourth international airport. It is located in Moscow OblastRussia 36 km southeast of central Moscow, in the town of Zhukovsky, a few kilometers southeast of the old Bykovo Airport. Zhukovsky Airport Sport life

Elena Slesarenko

Yuri Borzakovsky

Culture Life

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