Аудирование по английскому языку 4 класс

The 4 forms
Dick was a poor little boy. His father and mother died. He had no friends.
His only friend was his red cat.
One day Dick heard that life was very easy in London, that all the people in
London were very good and kind, that the streets in London were full of gold.
“Let’s go to London,” Dick said to his cat.
“All right, let’s go,” said the cat.
But when they arrived in London, they didn’t see the streets full of gold.
They didn’t see anybody who wanted to help them.
So, Dick found a job on one of the ships ready to sail to foreign countries.
“May I take my cat with me?” Dick asked the captain.
“Certainly, and I think you will have a wonderful travel,” said the captain.
And it was a wonderful travel. The captain was a good old kind man. He told
Dick stories about strange lands and strange people, about strange plants and
strange animals.
One day there was a storm in the sea. The ship was driven into a strange
country. The people who lived in that country had red skins.
The captain of the ship sent beautiful presents to the King and the Queen of
that country. Then they invited the captain to the palace. It was very big and nice.
There were a lot of tasty things on the tables. But suddenly hundreds of rats ran
into the room and began to eat all the tasty things.
“This happens every day,” sad the king. “We don’t know what to do.
Nobody can help us.”
When the red cat saw the rats, he jumped from Dick’s arms and soon all the
rats were dead. The King and the Queen were so pleased that they gave Dick
twelve bags of gold and many other presents.
When Dick and his cat came back to London, they were very rich. Dick
married a beautiful girl and they all lived happily together.
Poor бедный.
Found (to find - found) a job нашел работу.
Ready to sail
A land
Driven (to drive - driven)
Skin шкура.
Sent (to send - sent) посылать.
A rat крыса.
To marry (married) - поженится
The 4 forms
I. True or false:
1. The boy’s name was Dick.
2. Dick’s parents lived in London.
3. There were many kind people in London.
4. Dick found a job on the ship.
5. The captain of the ship was a kind old man.
6. The people in the strange country had red hats and dresses.
7. The King and the Queen invited the captain and Dick to the restaurant.
8. The King and the Queen gave Dick a lot of presents.
II. Choose the correct answer:
1. Dick’s only friend was: a) a captain of the ship;
b) a red cat;
c) a beautiful girl.
2. The captain told Dick stories about: a) London;
b) boats and ships;
c) strange lands, people and animals.
3. The people in the strange country: a) had red skins;
b) had brown skins;
c) had black skins.
4. The King and the Queen gave Dick: a) eleven bags of gold;
b) twelve bags of gold;
c) twenty bags of gold.
III. Match:
1. Dick was a) good and kind people.
2. His only friend was b) killed all the rats.
3. Dick and his cat went c) a kind old man.
4. In London there were not d) had red skins.
5. Dick found a job e) to London.
6. The captain of the ship was f) twelve bags of gold.
7. The captain told stories about g) on the ship.
8. The people in the strange country h) a poor little boy.
9. Hundreds of rats began i) a beautiful girl
10. The red cat j) strange lands, people and animals.
11. The King and the Queen gave Dick k) a red cat.
12. Dick married l) to eat tasty things.