Тест "At home" 6 класс

Test . «At home»
I.Закончи предложения, выбрав нужные по смыслу местоимения.
1. Where is Boris? I don't see (he, his, him ).
2. John is here. (He, His, Him) wife is here too.
3. The Browns are a big family. (They, Their, Them) have five children.
4. We are not ready . Help(we, us, our)
5. Your garden is beautiful. Why are (you, your)sad?
6. This is the map of the USA. What colour is (it, its, it’s) flag?
7. This is a schoolgirl. (Her, She) name is Kate.
8. Mum, I’m here. Do you see (I, my, me)?
II. Впишите в предложения недостающие предлоги, где это
1. What do we have … dinner, mum?
2. Please take me…the zoo, dad.
3. Can you see that big bird… the sky?
4. The big table is not… the middle of the room, it’s next… the window.
5. You can see the Browns … the picture.
6. Help, please help! My kite is… the tree.
7. Can you see that new gift shop… your right?
8. I like going …the cinema with my friends.
9. Alice is usually goes… home … classes.
10. What’s the time?- It’s half … one.
III. Опишите ваш дом ( квартиру), используя эти слова.
Upstairs, downstairs, bedroom, living room, bathroom, hall, kitchen, garden,
flowers, apple- trees, garage, behind, in front of, on the left, on the right, in the
middle, next to, armchair, bookcase, cupboard, sofa, table, cosy, light, picture,