Граматический тест "Инфинитив и глагольная форма с окончанием - ing" 10 класс

Put the verb in the brackets into the correct Infinitive or V-ing forms:
1) I’ll never forget … (sail) down the Danube on that warm spring night last year.
2) Please don’t forget … (pay) the bill.
3) John said he remembers … (buy) the newspaper, but now he can’t find it.
4) Did you remember … (post) my letter today?
5) Gloria regrets … (shout) at her sister.
6) I regret … (inform) you that we cannot give you your money back.
7) The students went on … (write) for another hour.
8) After cleaning the windows, he went on … (wash) the car.
9) We are sorry … (announce) that the 7:15 train to Liverpool has been cancelled.
10) I’m sorry for … (miss) your birthday party; I’ll make it up to you.
11) She stopped … (go) to the gym after she had got back into shape.
12) They stopped … (have) a rest before they continued their journey.
13) They tried … (open0 the door, but it was stuck.
14) You should try … (make) your own clothes; it’s much cheaper.
15) I’m sorry, I didn’t mean … (break) your vase.
16) Being a teacher means … (correct) a lot of homework.
17) I like … (tidy) my room at weekends, because I don’t have time during the week.
18) They like … (play) in the sea on hot days.
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