Граматический тест "Герундий / Инфинитив" 10 класс

Grammar test (-ing or to…)
A. Fill in the corresponding form of the infinitive
1. he read
2. he is drawing
3. he will be sentenced
4. he has phoned
5. he has been writing
6. he was practicing
7. he denies
8. he will be flying
9. he will be watching
10. he has been promoted
(10 points)
B. Put the following into the correct category.
Regret, decide, can’t stand, resist, expect, want, should, let sb, promise, miss, detest, hope, agree,
deny, try, fancy, finish, consider, go on, be glad, find out, wonder, would prefer, had better, see,
there’s no point (in), look forward to, succeed in, apologise (for), be sorry.
Verb+bare infinitive
Verb+ -ing form
+ -ing form with the
change in meaning
(0,5x30=15 points)
C. Put the verb into the correct form.
1. How old were you when you learnt -----? (drive)
2. I don’t mind-----home, but I’d rather ------a taxi. (walk, get)
3. I can’t make a decision. I keep-----my mind. (change)
4. He had made his decision and refused-----his mind. (change)
5. Why did you change your decision? What made you-----your mind? (change)
6. It was a really good holiday. I really enjoyed-----by the sea again. (be)
7. Did I really tell you I was unhappy? I don’t remember-----that. (say)
8. “Remember------Tom tomorrow.” “OK. I won’t forget.” (phone)
9. The water here is not very good. I’d avoid-----it if I were you. (drink)
10. I got up and looked out of the window-----what the weather was like. (see)
11. I have a friend who claims-----able to speak five languages. (be)
12. I had a flat in the centre of tow but I didn’t like------there, so I decided------. (live, move)
13. Steve used-----a footballer. He had to stop------because of an injury. (be, play)
14. A: How do make this machine-------? (work)
B: I’m not sure. Try------that button and see what happens. (press)
(18 points)
0-4 mistakes«5»
5-9 «4»
10-15 «3»
16-«2» (Total: 43)