Тест "Gerund. Infinitive. Participles" 9 класс

I.Choose the correct variant.
1. Jump at the opportunity (to get/get/getting) this job! You need it.
2. I advise you (to visit/visit/visiting) Anna Frank Museum in Amsterdam.
3. You should (to try/try/trying) to live on your own.
4. There is no point in (to put/put/putting) the blame on the others.
5. Ann aims at (to enter/enter/entering) some Moscow university.
6. I can’t stand her (to behave/behave/behaving) this way.
7. Dear friends! I’m happy (to introduce/introduce, introducing) Mary Philips to you.
8. Calm down! (To argue/ague/arguing) is not the best way of solving the problem.
9. Finally we’ve decided (to cancel/cancel/cancelling) our cooperation and (to
find/find/finding) new partners.
10. Speaking about surrealism, I can’t help (to mention/mention/mentioning) Salvador Dali -
one of the greatest names in the history of art.
11. Please, help me (to overcome/overcome/overcoming) these troubles, because now I don/t
know what (to do/do/doing).
12. These cars definitely need (to be repaired/repair/repairing).
13. My best friend has made me (to believe/believe/believing) that true friendship exists.
14. Yesterday I heard my neighbours (to quarrel/quarrel/quarrelling) so loudly.
15. I regret (not to use/not use/not using) that chance.
16. He stopped (to buy, buy/buying) some apple juice and then continued his walk.
II. Choose the correct type of Participle:
1. The movie is so (interesting/interested)! I was (fascinating/fascinated) by it.
2. Jane was (amazing/amazed) to see how many things have changed since her childhood.
3. The situation the devaluation of the ruble is really (thrilling/thrilled).
4. I was (encouraging/encouraged) by his exceptional bravery.
5. Ann was suffering from insomnia after reading that (scaring/scared) book.
III. Translate into English using different types of Infinitive and Gerund.
1. Кажется, Джек уже закончил писать тест.
2. Похоже, что дети сейчас веселятся в саду.
3. Жаль, что я не воспользовался возможностью посетить рынок Каира.
4. Дому явно требуется ремонт.
5. Я боюсь идти домой один поздно вечером.
6. У Элис все лицо красное. Кажется, она плакала.
7. Он отрицает, что украл эту сумму денег.
8. Эта организация возражает против вырубки лесов по всей планете.