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Britain is unusually beautiful country! It is rich in its landscapes, which are constantly alternate from plains to valleys, f rom forests to green meadows…

Now I want to introduce you to one of the 4 parts of the country - England. Pleasant viewing!


The Southeast is the most populated region of England. In this region, is the capital of great Britain is London. Here are the main ports and airports. Then there are cities like Dover, Windsor, Brighton...

London Heathrow airport is the largest international airport of London. It is considered the second busiest passenger airport in the world (2015 69.8 million), and the first in Europe. It is located 24 km West of Central London. Includes 5 passenger terminals and one cargo. The last, 5-th terminal, opened on 14 March 2008 by Queen Elizabeth II.

Heathrow Airport

Kent is a historic, ceremonial County in Southeast England. It is known as the garden of England. The territory of the County is "sleeping" zone of London. Together with the capital Maidstone all its population is 1634,5 thousands of residents, and the area of Kent – 3736 sq. km.

The County of Kent


Southwest is the region where the main activity is farming. Almost every family in the southwest has its own farm. This place is popular among writers and artists. Two main cities are Bristol and Bath.


Stonehenge is the famous ancient circle of stones in southern England. For thousands of years, the circle of ancient stones called Stonehenge has been one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Scientists say Stonehenge has stood in England for at least 4,000 years. Millions of people from all over the world have visited the ancient monument.

How can you resist the temptation to see the earth with such unusual names as the end of the Earth or a Mouse hole? And if we consider that Land's End is the most westerly point of the UK, this place becomes even more attractive. The Western part of the Peninsula is called the "toe of Britain".

Land's End


East Anglia is located on very flat territory. It is a place where almost no trees and bushes, which is called Fens. This is another farming region. It has a beautiful city Cambridge.

The University of Cambridge (or Cambridge University), is located in Cambridge, England, and is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. At first it was a College with his independent system (it was opened in the year 1284), and the University was formed as its late. This is one of the best universities in the world, which is associated with 87 Nobel laureates.

The University of Cambridge

National Park Broads includes the largest protected wetland in the UK and the longest inland waterway where six rivers is 200 kilometers (125 miles) through the territory occupied by lakes and marshes. Swamp — marshy peat, rich in reeds and rushes — is home to more than 250 species of plants, including the rare marsh Orchid, but also for waterfowl and wading birds, while the Breydon Water estuary is a popular stopping place for many migratory birds.

National Park Broads


Midlands is the main industrial part of the country. There is the town of Stratford on Avon, the birthplace of the great William Shakespeare. There is the largest British port, which is located in Liverpool. Also in Midlands there are large cities such as Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham...

One of the oldest Universities of Europe and the world is Oxford University, which became the first in England. It is believed to be taught in the XI century. T he main rival of Oxford University of Cambridge. They have almost the same status and the same number of Nobel prizes. To go to Oxford is the dream of many graduates of schools and colleges from around the world.


The coat of arms of the University

Liverpool port is located in the world heritage list of UNESCO. He is one of the main attractions of Liverpool.Also, it is composed of the first liquid bulk dock, located in the area of Duke street and the cable car workshops.Liverpool has plenty of museums, galleries and sculptures, protected by the state. To be in his territory is to witness the power of the English city.

Liverpool port

In the North of England you can see waterfalls, rivers, mountains. This part of the country is rich in coal. Has the busiest industrial cities in the country. But in the North of England are the most lonely and wild part of the country. There are still cities like York ,Newcastle at Tina.


Lake district nature reserve in North-West England, founded in 1951.For many centuries, tourists are attracted by the beautiful landscape: mountains, valleys, lakes and waterfalls. In the Park with an area of 1440 sq km. there are 16 natural lakes and some reservoirs, 180 hills with a height of over 600 metres and five over 900. Scafell pike (978 m) is the highest mountain in England

The lake district

Hadrian's wall — a fortification with a length of 117 km, built by the Romans under Emperor Hadrian in 122-126 years to prevent the raids of the Picts and brigantes from the North.Crosses Northern England from the Irish (the Bay, Solway Firth) to the North (fortress Singidunum the river Tyne) seas near the border with Scotland. The most outstanding monument of antiquity in great Britain.

Hadrian's wall