Тест "Мы - студенты колледжа"

Тест по теме «Мы - студенты колледжа»
к учебнику английского языка для учреждений НПО и СПО «Planet of English», авторы:
Безкоровайная Г.Т., Соколова Н.И. М.: Издательский центр "Академия", 2014.
1 Прочитайте три отрывка о рабочем дне девочки.
а) Расположите отрывки в таком порядке, чтобы получился рассказ.
1). At one o'clock Ann usually has lunch. After lunch she helps mother about the house.
Ann doesn't like to wash the dishes but she enjoys shopping. Sometimes she doesn't remember
what her mother told her to buy but she never forgets to buy some milk for her cat.
2). Ann can play the piano very well. Her friends often come to see her in the evening.
They enjoy listening to music and sometimes Ann plays or sings for them. They always praise
(хвалят) her singing. Sometimes they go out for a walk if the weather is fine and enjoy fresh air
and a good company.
3). Ann often goes to bed late and she hates getting up early. Her mornings are very busy.
She can't always find her things. She looks for her schoolbag everywhere and at last finds it
under the sofa. Sometimes she doesn't have time to eat her breakfast and she is often late for
school. I wonder why she never gets bad marks!
b) Отметьте буквой Т (true) информацию, соответствующую тексту, и буквой F (
False) не соответствующую тексту.
1.She is never late for school.
2.She always gets good marks.
3.She goes to bed early.
4.She enjoys shopping.
5.Sometimes she goes for а walk in the evening.
2 Решите пример и напишите ответ словами
1. sixty-two + fourteen = …
2. fifteen + two hundred and forty-six = …
3. ninety + ten = …
3 Преобразуйте количественные числительные в порядковые
1. two
2. eighty-three
3. seven hundred and sixteen
4. twelve
5. eleven
4 Напишите указанные в скобках даты словами
1. My son was born on …… (02.12.2000).
2. Our dog was born on …… (21.08.2008).
3. I get up at (5.30) every day.
4. I go to bed at (9.45) p.m.
5 Напишите дроби словами
1. 1/2
2. 5/8
3. 1.3
4. 0.5