Тест "Переведите предложения в косвенную речь" 6 класс

This is what Mike said. Tell another friend what he said. Use Reported
1. I’ve lost my watch.
2. I’m very busy.
3. Ann can’t go to the party.
4. My sisters have to go out.
5. I’m learning French.
6. My grandparents don’t feel very well.
7. We’ll be home late.
8. I’ve just come back from holiday.
9. I’m going to buy a new computer.
10. We haven’t got a key.
11. Do you need this book?
12. Can I take this pen?
13. Do you want to watch TV?
14. Has Mary come?
15. Have you sent the letter?
16. Where is Mary?
17. Why is she crying?
18. What are you doing there?
19. How old is your Ben?
20. Open your bag, please.
21. Don’t wait for me.
22. Hurry up!
23. Ask Mike to help you.
24. Give me your phone number, please.
Write say/said or tell/told.
1. He ……. he was tired.
2. What did she …… you?
3. Anna …….. she didn’t like Peter.
4. Jack …… me that you were ill.
5. Please don’t…… Dan what happened.
6. Did Lucy ……. she would be late?
7. The woman …… she was a reporter.
8. The woman …… us she was a reporter.
9. They asked me a lot of questions, but I didn’t …… them anything.
10. They asked me a lot of questions, but I didn’t …… anything.