Презентация "Видо - временные формы глагола" 9 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Fill in the gaps with the necessary preposition and translate the sentences.
  • 1) I like when people are responsible … their actions.
  • 2) They waited … their counsellor for 3 hours but nobody turned ….
  • 3) When she arrived … the airport, she found out that she had left her passport at home.
  • 4) Call me if you need to find … more information.
  • 5) I remember my feelings when I first arrived … London.
  • 6) Why are you so rebellious? Why do you need to get involved … bad companies?
  • 7) The sisters have a lot in common. Both of them are responsible … their actions, they always turn … on time.
Choose the correct verb form
  • The teacher is angry. The pupils don’t listen/aren’t listening to him.
  • He is not wanting/doesn’t want to talk to James now.
  • “Don’t shout”, she said, “I hear/am hearing you.”
  • Do you see/ Are you seeing anything?
  • He isn’t remembering/doesn’t remember anything at the moment.
  • I think/ am thinking he doesn’t love/ isn’t loving Helen.
  • My daughter works/ is working in a restaurant for the summer but she doesn’t like/ isn’t liking it very much.
Complete the sentences.
  • 1) What time your plane (land)?
  • 2) My brother (work) in another town and (not, live) at home.
  • 3) Where you (come) from?
  • 4) What time Steve (get) home after work?
  • 5) He usually (stay) at Hilton Hotel when he (be) in London.
  • 6) How many languages you (speak)?
  • 7) How often she (go) to the theatre?
The answers!
  • 1) What time does your plane land?
  • 2) My brother works in another town and doesn’t live at home.
  • 3) Where do you come from?
  • 4) What time does Steve get home after work?
  • 5) He usually stays at Hilton Hotel when he is in London.
  • 6) How many languages do you speak?
  • 7) How often does she go to the theatre?
Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple or The Present Continuous
  • 1) I know that he (leave) for the village tomorrow.
  • 2) I am not going to have this car any longer. I (sell) it next week.
  • 3) The next train (arrive) at 6 p.m.
  • 4) Ted (come) here this morning.
  • 5) Duncan said, “I (go) to the University tomorrow. The term (begin) on 7, February.”
  • 6) What you (do) tonight?