Контрольная работа "Временные формы глагола" 5 класс

Контрольная работа
1. выпиши и переведи на русский язык слова – спутники настоящего простого
времени (the present simple tense)
Tomorrow, yesterday, always, sometimes, soon, in three days, last year, usually, every year, a
month ago, next week, often, the day before yesterday.
2. раскрой скобки, употреби глагол в нужном времени.
1. My friend …(live) in London every summer.
2. You often …(go) for a walk.
3. Yesterday Ann …(watch) TV.
4. Tomorrow I … (read) an interesting book.
5. He …(work) at school last year.
6. We … (visit) Moscow next week.
3.впиши слова- помощники: did, do, does, will
1.… you see this film yesterday?
2.… he like chocolate?
3.… your sister sleep last night?
4.… you help your mother soon?
5.… Tom get up at 7 o‘clock every morning?
6.… they play football last Sunday?
7.… you want to go to the cinema?
8.… she finish this work tomorrow?
4. исправь предложения.
1. Alice always come home at 3 p.m.
2. Does you speak English?
3. My grandma doesn’t watch TV yesterday.
4. Did your cat jumped high?
5. I listened to the music every day.