Мероприятие "Путешествие в страну английского языка" 2-7 класс

«Летниковская основная общеобразовательная школа»/филиал/
МОУ «Сернурская средняя общеобразовательная
Путешествие в страну английского языка
/мероприятие для обучающихся 2 – 7 классов/
Александрова РВ –учитель английского языка
28 октября 2012г
Задачи: 1. Развивать лексические и грамматические навыки говорения.
2. Развивать память обучающихся, логическое мышление, произвольное
3. Воспитание чувства коллективизма, творчества, взаимовыручки.
Дети на сцене поют песню на мелодию «Happy birthday».
Good morning to you!
Good morning to you!
Good morning , dear friends!
We are glad to see you.
Mary Poppins. Good morning, children! Did you recognize me, I am Mary Poppins. I am very
glad to see our friends, our guests! My friends and me are sure you know and like English very
much. Do you like to travel? As for us we like to travel very much. Let’s travel together! Let’s
visit an unusual country, its name is Englishland. But in what way will we travel?
Подходит к карте Британских островов.
Look at the map, please. Англия находится на Британских островах. Как мы доберемся до
нее? We have no ship, we have no train, we have no plane. Oh, I know. I have a magic
umbrella. Here in is. (Берет черный зонтик). I need a painter. Have you a painter?
Выходит художник.
Mary Poppins . Painter, help me, please! Colour my umbrella, make it many-coloured.
All right. I’ll help you. What colour is this?
Children. It’s red.
Mary Poppins . Right. What colour is this?
Children .It’s blue….
Mary Poppins . Thank you, painter. Thank you, children. Now let’s begin our journey. But do
you know how to greet the people we’ll meet?
Children .Good morning! Hello! How do you do? Glad to see you/
Mary Poppins . Well, I see, you know how to greet. So, let’s go on traveling. Close your eyes.
One, two, three. Fly umbrella, with the children and me. Let’s sing the song “Brother John”
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,
Brother John, brother John?
Morning bells are ringing,
Morning bells are ringing:
Ding, ding, dong!
Ding, ding, dong!
Mary Poppins . Мы остановились на острове загадок. Чтобы продолжить наш путь, надо
отгадать несколько загадок. Listen to them attentively.
Pupil 1. I am green. I can jump. I can swim. I cannot fly.I cannot walk. I live in water. What am
I? /A frog/.
Pupil 2. I am orange. I live in the forest. I can walk, run, jump. I cannot fly, swim. I like hares.
What am I? / A fox/.
Pupil 3. I am grey. I can run. I cannot fly. I cannot swim. I live in the house. What am I? / A
Pupil 4. I am brown. I can walk, jump, climb, run. I cannot fly. I live in Africa. What am I? /A
Mary Poppins . Good. Well done.
Pupil 5. Now, please, solve this little “coloured” crossword puzzle.
По горизонтали: 1. Розовый. 3. Голубой.4. Белый.
По вертикали: 1. Красный. 2. Желтый.
To solve it you must remember the names of the colours.
Все поют песенку «Цвета».
1. I see green, I see yellow,
I see funny fellow,
I see white, I see black,
I see this, and I see that, and that.
2. I see pink, I see brown,
I stand up, I sit down.
I see red, I see blue,
I see you, and I see you, and you.
Mary Poppins. Thank you, children! Let’s continue your journey. Go to sleep.(Мэри вращает
зонт). One, two, three…Fly, umbrella, with the children and me. Wake up, children! Now we are
in “the town of masters”. Children, what professions, connected with English language, do you
Children. A driver, a chemist, a pilot, a stewardess, a teacher, a seller, a singer, an actor, a
translator, a businessman, a doctor.
Выходят ребята, на груди у них эмблемы профессий.
Pupil 1. Good day. I am a taxist. One day I had an unusual passenger, one American tourist, she
wanted to get to the airport. She didn’t speak Russian at all, only English. But I know English, I
understood her. It’s necessary to know foreign languages, do you agree with me?
Pupil 2. I am a businessman, I must visit many different countries, and in the majourity of them
people speak English, so it is necessary to know English.
Mary Poppins. Thank you, children. Very good. Let’s continue our journey. Go to sleep.(Мэри
вращает зонт). One, two, three. Fly magic umbrella, with children and me. Wake up, children.
We are walking along the Shopping Street. Let’s speak of ‘English meals”.
Pupil 3. I’ll tell you about traditional “English breakfast”. People have fried eggs, bacon,
sausage, tomato and mushrooms. Then there’s toast and marmalade.
Pupil 4. Britain’s favourite drink is tea. It’s also a meal in the afternoon. You can drink tea at
home or in the hotel. The English know how to make tea and what it does for you. 7 cups of tea
wake you up in the morning; 9 cups will put you to sleep at night. If you are hot, tea will cool
you off, and if you are cold, it will warm you up.
Pupil 5. Children, do you like porridge? Do you know, that the motherland of porridge is
England. Englishman like it very much. And one more famous English tasty dish is pudding. The
word “pudding” came to us from England.
Mary Poppins. Now , you know traditional English meals. Now we want to treat you delicious
English biscuits. Help yourselves. It is delicious, isnt it?( Участники угощают гостей
печеньем, которое подают на подносах). Let’s continue our journey. One, two, three. Fly,
umbrella, with children and me. Wake up, children. We are in “the world of pets”. Do you have
any pets at home?
Children. Yes, I have a cat.
I have a dog.
I have a parrot.
Pupil6. Lots of families in Britain have got one or more pets. Dogs are the favourite pets and
there are about 6 millions of them in Great Britain. The second favourite are cats (about 5
millions). There are more than 12 millions pets in Britain. The English take good care of their
pets. They give them nice names. Rover, Rex, Misty, Cindy (for dogs);
Snowy, Fluffy, Tom (for cats);
Polly, Chatterbox (for parrots;
Shipley, Shirley(for monkeys).
The English are pet lovers.
“I like dogs”/
I like dogs, all dogs,
Big dogs and small dogs,
Black dogs and white dogs,
But I like best,
As you can see,
The dog who likes
To play with me.
Marry Poppins. Thank you. Let’s continue our journey. One, two, three. Fly, magic umbrella,
with children and me. Wake up, children. We are on “ the island of the proverbs”.
Pupil 7.
1. One’s man meat is another man’s poison.
2. Tests differ.
3. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
Расшифруйте ребус и прочтите пословицу.
It поезда c крысы’ ладонь d ‘’ лягушки
( It rains cats and dogs.)
Good. How clever you are! Children, our journey approached to its finish. Now , I want to
ask you such question. How do you imagine Englishmen? What are they?
Children. Hardworking, polite, people of principle, snobs.
Children, look, what city is it? What sightseeings do you know there?
Children. Big Ben, Tower, Westminster Abbey.
Mary Poppins. Right you are. Let’s ask the Englishman to tell us about London.
Pupil 8. With great pleasure. London is the capital of Great Britain . It is a very old city. It is
2 Thousand years old. London is not only the capital of the country, it is also a huge port.
London is situated upon both banks of the Thames. There are 17 bridges above the river.
London has got three main parts: The city, the West End and the East End. The City is full of
banks, offices and firms. The East End of London is the district of working people. There are
factories, docks there. The West End is the cultural heart of London. There are museums,
galleries, theatres there.
Now, look at the pictures. This is Big Ben the biggest clock bell in Britain.
Westminster Abbey many great Englishmen were buried here: Newton, Byron, Darwin.
The official London residence of the Queen is Buckingham Palace. This is Famous Trafalgar
Mary Poppins. Thank you very much. So, children, I think, you know London now. During
our journey we have learned about the professions, connected with English language,
If you know English:
You can read the papers, magazines, original books, written by great writers.
You can watch satellite TV programmes.
Travel in the different parts of the world.
English is the necessary while looking for a good job.
Speaking English you will have no problems looking for a room or a meal anywhere in the
You will talk and make friends with people from different countries.
You can be a member of the international friendship camp both in Russia and abroad, where
you can find many new foreign friends.
Study English, English is a very beautiful language!
“The More We Are Together”
Sing with us.
The more we are together,
Together, together,
The more we are together,
The happier we are.
For your friend is my friend,
And my friend is your friend.
The more we are together,
The happier we are.