Презентация "The library rules" 8 класс

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Тема урока: The library rules. Цель урока:  отработка грамматических структур в пассивном залоге. Passive Voice be+V3 Somebody cleans every day. (active) subject is cleaned every day. (passive) The object of the active verb becomes the subject in the new sentence.

this room


This room


There are 8 forms of the verbs in the Passive voice.

Present Simple

Past Simple

Future Simple

am/is/are + V3

was/were + V3

will be/shall be +V3

The work is done.

The work was done.

The work

will be done.

Present Progressive

Past Progressive

is/are being + V3

was/were being+V3

The work is being done.

The work

was being done.

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Future Perfect

have been + V3

had + V3

will have been +V3

The work

has been done.

The work

had been done.

The work

will have been done.

The help in choosing a book is offered by the librarian. All children will be able to borrow books from the library. All borrowed books are brought back by the due date. All library books are used carefully. The day of school library is held every year  Choose a book as you choose a friend. Don't judge а book bу its cover. А room without books is а bоdу without soul. Better untaught than badly taught. Interesting books are being discussed English language is being studied now New books and textbooks are sent to the library every year. Bookshelves are being filled with books. Bookshelves will be filled with books every year.