Презентация "Misha’s hobby" 5 класс

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September, 15 Classwork

“Misha’s hobby”

Фонетическая разминка Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after the speaker. a rule foreign a game famous TV to be good at something age a scientist a subject of course a language by the way Речевая разминка Is she the Queen? – Yes, she is. She is the Queen. Речевая разминка Is this the British flag? – Yes, it is. It is our flag. Речевая разминка Is he Prince Charles, the Queen’s son? – No, he isn’t. He’s Prince Harry, the Queen’s grandson. Речевая разминка Are they tourists? – No, they are not. They are Beefeaters. Речевая разминка Is Big Ben a museum? – No, it isn’t. Big Ben is a very famous clock. Checking hometask Guess the meaning of the underlined words 1. My favourite subject is Mathematics. What is your favourite subject? – It’s Physics and Russian Literature. 2. This actor is very popular. He is in five films this year. Let’s sing Read the information and fill in the gaps Глагол to be в простом настоящем времени (the Present Simple Tense) They are in the shop. They aren’t in the shop. Are they in the shop? Who is in the shop? Where are they? Hometask: Ex. 3 p. 20-21 (to learn the words) Ex. 5 p. 21 (to read and translate)