Презентация "The Club of cheerful and quick - witted teams" 6 класс

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The Club of cheerful and quick-witted teams English proverbs: “A HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY “ “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” “Keep your head in the cold, stomach in hunger, and feet warm” “Move more, live longer” “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” “Health is above wealth” Our Theme : << HEALTHY LIVING GUIDE >>
  • 1.1 – Task
  • Plan : 1 - Name 5 - Favourite sport 2 - Age , appearance 6 – Favourite animals 3 - Favourite subjects 7 – Favourite meal 4 – Hobby


2 . Warming up Answer the question: What should you do to be healthy? 3 . Good and bad habits Eating wholemeal bread , eating sweets , eating low fibre food, exercising, not keeping diet, physical inactivity, drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, a healthy diet, sleeping three hours, getting up early, regular meals, having breakfast, playing computer games for a long time.
  • Good habits Bad habits
4.Fill in the gaps
  • You’ll have bad teeth if you…
  • You’ll have obesity if you…
  • You’ll have a cough if you…
  • You’ll have a heart disease if you…
  • You’ll have weakness if you…
5. Healthy products Products: eggs, sweets, bread, fish, tomatoes, grapes, pears, meat, jam, honey, cucumbers, carrots, milk, sour cream, chicken, onion, garlic, pumpkin, apples, potato, watermelon. The task: divide these products into groups. 1.Energy rich products. 2.Vitamins and minerals. 6. How to look great?
  • Task: the captains of the teams should give a piece of advice to the opponent.
  • Sleep 8 hours a day, exercise more, eat more fruits and vegetables, follow a diet, don’t eat at night, do not smoke, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat fast food, don’t worry, cheer up, have breakfast.
7. Who is the best reader?
  • The rules of the good health “ABC of A Healthy Man”
  • Alcohol is forbidden!
  • Be calm!
  • Can you balance your emotions?
  • Do morning exercises!
  • Eat right food!
  • Follow adult’s advice!
  • Give up smoking!
Hold forth a hope!
  • Hold forth a hope!
  • Idleness is not for you!
  • Join sportive clubs!
  • Keep fit!
  • Laugh extends life!
  • Make the best of life!
  • No drugs!
  • Open windows to air your lodging!
  • Put right clothes on!
  • Quality of products is important!
Relax in dense situation!
  • Relax in dense situation!
  • Sleep not less than eight hours a day!
  • Take vitamins!
  • Use any opportunity and resources to be healthy!
  • Vanquish feel of inferiority and fear to something!
  • Why not follow a diet!
  • X…
  • Yield to no diseases!
  • Zealousness is important for health!
The conclusion
  • Simple rules for being healthy.
  • Remember:
  • 1)We are what we eat.
  • 2) Try to choose healthy food.
  • 3)Fruits and vegetables are ideal.
  • 4) Bad habits are extremely dangerous for your health.
  • 5)Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Remember that loosing health is easier than to restore it.
  • Remember that loosing health is easier than to restore it.
  • Think about it now, till it is not too late!
  • And I wish you strong health for many years!