Презентация "Let’s Go to the Restaurant!" 5 класс

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There’s a sandwich on the sand which was sent by a sane witch.
Let’s Go to the Restaurant!
  • Drinks: tea, …
  • Vegetables: tomatoes, …
  • Fruits: apples, …
  • Sweet food: pie,…
  • What would you like
  • 1 for breakfast ?
  • 2 for dinner?
  • 3 for supper?
  • Rabbit likes to eat …
  • We eat soup with …
  • Little mouse likes …
  • Tiger would like to eat …
  • We drink coffee with …
  • Children drink tea with … and …
  • Put the words in the correct order:
  • eat/in the morning/porridge/I
  • I eat porridge in the morning.
She/milk/with/coffee/drink/does not
  • She does not drink coffee with milk.
  • They like hamburgers with cheese.
We/eat/for breakfast/do not/pizza/salad/fish/or
  • We do not eat pizza, salad or fish for breakfast.
For supper/would/I/orange/like/juice
  • I would like orange juice for supper.
  • They are drinking tea and eating a nice chocolate cake.
Does not/Lizzy/mineral/drink/water
  • Lizzy does not drink mineral water.
  • Imagine, that you are in a restaurant with your friend. What would you like to order? What do you usually like to eat?
What food is healthy?
  • Are you
  • a healthy child?
1. Do you often go to McDonalds? A: never B: seldom C: often
  • 2. What would you eat for breakfast?
  • A: porridge
  • B: hamburger with tea
  • C: pizza with coke
  • 3. What would you eat for dinner?
  • A: porridge
  • B: meat
  • C: I would go to McDonalds
  • 4. What would you eat for supper? A: salad with orange juice B: cheese C: hamburger
    • 5. Do you do morning exercises?
    • A: every morning B: seldom
    • C: never
  • A: You are a healthy child
  • B: You have some problems with your health
  • C: Only a doctor can help you! 
  • P. 98, EX. 3
  • Thank you for your attention 