Конспект открытого урока "Страны и их традиции" 6 класс

Конспект открытого урока
«Страны и их традиции»
Плеханова Елена Викторовна,
учитель английского языка
Организационный этап:
Good morning, dear boys and girls!
I’m glad to see you today!
Sit down, please!
Подготовка учащихся к работе на основном этапе:
There are a lot of counties in the world, you know it. Different people
live in different countries. Their lives are different too. And of course,
every country has its own traditions and customs. Today we are going to
read about some traditions of other countries, we will speak about them
and we will also compose a letter about some Russian tradition.
But first I’d like to ask you, what is a HOLIDAY? What associations do
you have with this word?
(Holiday present. doll, ball, cake Christmas. Birthday, party. happy!)
Thank you! You are right! Holidays are always happy and interesting,
people have parties on holidays, they give and get presents and have
special meal!
Этап усвоения и первичного закрепления новых знаний и способов
But a letter can be a present, too. Last week I got a letter from my pen-
friend from Great Britain. there is some very interesting information in
it, so I want you to read it with me.
Have a look at this letter. Is it from the USA (no) Where is it from?
(Great Britain)
Now we are going to read this letter. But before reading we must
practice some words. Have a look at the screen.
conservative - консервативный
to be proud of - гордиться
carefully - бережно
Guy Fawkes Day день Гая Фокса
scarecrow - пугало
fireworks - фейерверки
bonfire большой костер
roast - жареный
to farm - возделывать
danger - опасность
harvest - урожай
(Закрепление лексического навыка:
Повторение за учителем
Чтение слов по цепочке по одному слову
Один ученик читает все слова
Один ученик читает все слова, а другие повторяют за ним
Перевод с русского на английский)
Thank you! But now have a look at the board! What’s the matter? I’ve
mixed all the words! Can you help me to name these things?
(Учащиеся называют предметы по одному, переносят правильную
подпись под картинку)
And now it’s high time to read the letter. You may use the board to see
the translation of the words.
(чтение текста)
I see that you are tired, let’s have a short break. We are going to sing and
(Head, shoulders, knees and toes)
Этап применения знаний и способов действия
And now we’ll see, how well you understood the letter.
First, have a look at these sentences and say, whether they are true or
(выполнение задания True or False)
And now let’s divide all the things that people do on Guy Fawkes’ Day
in Great Britain and on Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Click on the
sentence below, read it and drag it to the right holiday.
(Развитие навыка говорения, составляем свои предложения)
And now compose your own sentences, speaking about the holidays.
Don’t forget to drag the part of the sentence to the right holiday!
(Развитие навыка говорения, составляем свои предложения)
You’ve coped with the task perfectly well! Now let’s try to speak about
each holiday.
Start composing the sentences one by one.
Who can tell the whole story?
(составляем по одному предложению, затем один учащийся
рассказывает весь рассказ, потому в паре – по одному
предложению друг другу)
OH! I forgot that I promised to write a letter to Alice soon! Can you help
We will write about a very interesting Russian holiday! It is very
unusual, too! What is it?
Yes, you are right. Now help me to compose a letter.
Now read, what we have!
(Учащиеся дополняют текст словами по смыслу)
You’ve coped with this task very well. You can speak about holidays
and traditions of the USA, Great Britain and Russia very well.
Информация о домашнем задании:
And at home try to prepare to tell these stories by heart. You may
consult the charts and the text..
Our lesson is coming to an end. Do you like it? I have a magic tree, let
us tell it about it. If you like the lesson very much put three smiles on it.
If the lesson was OK put only two. If the lesson was simple and usual,
put only one.
Подведение итогов:
Thank you! Our lesson was really very interesting! You worked hard,
speaking about holidays. But don’t forget, what the most important thing
on a holiday is. It’s a present! Now please take a present from my plastic