Презентация "Categorising learners’ mistakes" 10-11 класс

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Categorising learners’ mistakes The role of error Slips the result of tiredness, worry or Slips the result of tiredness, worry or other temporary emotions, circumstances

Mistakes :

Errors learners try to say something that

is beyond their current level of


Reasons for making errors Developmental Learners are unconsciously (without knowing or being aware) working out, organizing and experimenting with language they have learnt.


Influence from the learner’s first language

(mother tongue).

Overgeneralisation (‘I goed’ instead of ‘I went’)

Applying a rule too widely...

… using the past tense for the present perfect tense

… making mistakes with past verb forms

  • Part of learners interlanguage i.e. the learners’ own version of the second language which they speak as they learn
  • Sometimes errors get fossilised lasting even for ever
  • Can disappear by themselves as the learner learns more language
Errors correction
  • Whether, when and how to correct learners
  • What kind of mistake the learner is making
  • Ignoring mistakes
  • Errors, preventing communication, may be more important to correct than those which do not
  • Different learners need to be corrected in different ways
Ways of helping learners get beyond their errors:
  • Exposing to lots of language that is just beyond learner’s level of linguistic ability through reading or listening
  • Giving opportunities to focus on the form of language through exercises
Ways of helping learners get beyond their errors
  • Reformulation, when the teacher corrects what the student has said by repeating his words correctly without drawing the learner’s attention to the mistake
  • Providing the learners with time in class to use language to communicate and interact and see if they can do successfully
Kinds of mistakes learners make



Inaccuracy: pronunciation

There was a terrible flood [flu:d]

Inaccuracy: grammatical

We swum in the lake every summer

  • He have taken more than 100 photos last week
  • News are reported 24 hours a day
  • I ‘m pleased that you are interested of the story
  • Do you come from the Canada?

Inappropriate style/register

Give me a cup of coffee

(used in a café to order a coffee)

Inaccuracy: lexical

My grandfather is a senior man

Inaccuracy : spelling

Inaccuracy: punctuation

  • The leafs were a beautiful colour
  • Where does he leave.
Correcting learners mistakes Oral correction: Time lines: past now future х
  • Finger correction to show where the mistake is
  • Gestures or facial expressions
  • Echo correcting
  • Identifying
  • Delayed correction
  • Peer and self-correction
  • Ignoring errors that are above the learners’ level
  • Recasting
Written Correction Ag - agreement Gr- grammar Prep - preposition P -punctuation Sp - spelling T - verb tense V -vocabulary WF - word family WO - word order
  • -good sentence
  • ? - Ask me / I don’t understand - word missing