Презентация "Rainbow Diet" 10 класс

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Rainbow Diet The presentation is made by teacher Natalia Kiseleva, Lyceum 214, St. Petersburg, Russia Киселева Наталия Павловна Лицей № 214 Санкт-Петербург 2015




Rainbow Diet

Red foods get you moving,

protect from illnesses

Orange foods are brain foods.

They improve your power

of concentration.

Yellow foods make you more


Green foods keep your

emotions under control

Blue foods are smoothing both,

emotionally and physically

Purple foods make people

more creative.

  • If you are stressed and want to keep your emotions under control
  • If you are sitting an exam tomorrow and need to concentrate
  • If you are having a big basketball game tomorrow
  • Eat Green Food
  • Eat orange food
  • Eat red food
  • If you feel under the weather
  • If you had a hard day and want to relax
  • If you want to be creative and look young and strong for longer
  • Eat yellow food
  • Eat blue food
  • Eat purple food