Презентация "Where do animals live?" 4 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Where do animals live? Выбери правильный вариант 1. She is the …. student at  school. a) good  b) better  c) best 2. This book is  …. than the magazine. a) interesting b) more interesting c) the most interesting 3. Tiny is …. than  Jimmy. a) younger b) young c)the youngest   4. Alice is a …..  girl. a) smart b) smarter c) the smartest 5.  This road is  …. than that road. a) bad b)the worst c) worse 6. The houses in the city are ….. than in the country. a) beautiful b) the most beautiful  c) more beautiful Составь предложения из разрозненных слов
  • Our, is, school, nice, and , big.
  • are, 10 boys, and, 14 girls, There, in our class.
  • I, to read, books, like, interesting.
  • in the garden, You, can see, many, flowers.
  • The whale, the biggest, sea animal, is.
  •  Do, go, to school, you?
Напиши существительные  во множественном числе. a  town – a desert – a snake – a country – a city – a sheep – a man-