Презентация "Let’s go shopping" 5 класс

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Let’s go shopping Shopping, shopping, Let’s go shopping! We shall buy a lot food. Fish and honey Bread and butter I think, it tastes so good! WARM UP Shopping in London *New Covent Garden *Harrods *Hamleys Make your sentence: I think I can buy ………. in the Clothes Shop trousers, a dress, a skirt, a coat, a school uniform, a coat, a jumper, a raincoat, mittens, a T-shirt, jeans, a sweater … 1.Find the odd (лишние) products: Tomatoes, fish, potatoes, milk, bread, carrots, coffee, workbooks, lemons, cabbage, meat, bananas, onions, garlic, grapes, cheese. 2.I think I can buy ………. in the Greengrocer’s