Презентация "TV channels in Britain" 8 класс

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TV channels in Britain offer, viewer, discussion, play, serial, broadcast, independent, commercial, which, advertising, each, serve, part, the whole, transmit, satellite, provide, feature film, over, half, connect, thirty, forty, want Television sets in Britain have four television channels: 1) BBC 1 2) BBC 2 3) ITV (Channel 3) 4) CHANNEL 4

BBC 1 offers viewers documentaries, discussions, plays, serials, operas and concerts.

BBC 2 broadcasts plays, comedies, sports programmes and interesting documentaries. ITV (Channel 3) is an independent commercial organisation which gets money from advertising; consists of 14 companies, each serving a different part of the country.

Channel 4 serves the whole country; in Wales it transmits in the Welsh language (S4C).

Sky 1 is a satellite channel which provides sport, news, pop and rock music, children’s programmes and feature films. Thanks to satellite, TV viewers in Britain can watch TV from many European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Russia. There are over two and a half million homes in Britain which can connect to cable TV (from 30 to 45 channels); cable TV viewers pay for the programmes they want to see.