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Magazines in Britain
  • There are a lot of magazines in Britain – from sport, cookery and farming to religion, computers, cinema and more. 17% of British teenagers enjoy reading magazines that meet their interests. Magazines help us relax. We can get much information in magazines.
  • “Mini”
  • This magazine contains information about pop stars and films stars. It is a quality magazine. Many teens like reading this magazine. It contains information about life of stars, about fashion, information about cooking , psychology of people. You can find fashion clothes. You can read an interview with Johnny Depp “I like cinema.” And a horoscope for the year. In “MINI” you can learn that soon you would meet your love.
  • “Molotok”
  • Why do we like the
  • magazine “MOLOTOK”?
  • It is a weekly magazine
  • for girls around the age of 10-25.This magazine
  • contains information and gossip about pop singers and interesting tests.
  • “Molotok”
  • The magazine contains 3 parts: a yellow part, a red part and a blue one. The yellow part is a tabloid, the red part contains sport stories, the blue part contains letters and information about music. The magazine reports about the latest scandals or gossips in the private lives of famous people. We like the magazine “MOLOTOK” because we learn much interesting information about pop stars.
  • “Jackie”
  • It is a weekly magazine for girls around the age of 12-14 containing love stories and
  • features on school, parents, pop music and fashion.
  • “Shout”
  • You’ll find all the latest gossip on your favourite pop, film and soap stars, about
  • fashion and beauty…
  • “Just Seventeen”
  • Serious subjects with
  • intelligence, honesty and humour…
  • Fun and refreshing articles …
  • Thank you!