Презентация "Why do I need a foreign language" 8 класс

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Why do I need a foreign language

It is important to know their native language, but it is equally important to know and foreign. I believe that knowledge of a foreign language is not only useful in the future, but also play a role in this.

Great contribution to the development of our country is made by people who know a foreign language as their mother tongue. Simply put - the translators. Several centuries ago, before the invention of many conventional devices for us now, important works of foreign figures translated into Russian people, who had no concern for our future. Now, thanks to these people in our country progressively develop many sectors of activity, such as medicine. With the development of new treatments for certain diseases saved many lives, which, as we know, is priceless. And due to the fact that learning a foreign language is essential.

We live in a world of technology. On the Internet, we find pen pals, sometimes - foreigners. And it is the knowledge of a foreign language helps us to make contact with people who may live in another continent, have a different perspective on life.      Learning a foreign language, we develop not only their mental abilities, as well as the ability to communicate, disclose and justify their thoughts in different languages, in different conditions.


    Communication in modern society is very important. But if we communicate with people living on common traditions, which have the same level of training, we will not be able to enrich their lives as much as we can do when dealing with people with different national interests.

    Unfortunately, in the world there are problems that we have called global. This, for example, a sharp deterioration of the environment. People are looking for a solution to this problem. And not only within a single state, but all over the world, together. As a solution to this complex problem, to exchange ideas, to express their point of view helps the people to know a foreign language.

After all, in order to achieve in your life good results, to conquer something that is beyond anyone else to win, leave their mark on the development of the world, find true friendship, even thousands of miles away, to show everyone that it can make everyone and should learn a foreign language. After all, he can give not only a great promising future, as well as cheerful and full of communication now.

Thank you for your attention