Конспект урока "Degrees of comparison of adverbs" 11 класс

Ход урока.
1. Оргмомент
Good morning my dear friends! How are you? I am very glad to see
you again. Now I want you to say me what date is it today? Who is
absent today?
2. Сообщение темы и цели урока.
Today we have an unusual lesson. On the first part of the lesson we
shall continue learning our theme Business corporation, repeat our
grammar theme Degrees of comparison of Adjectives and learn what is
the difference between forming Degrees of comparison of Adjectives and
Adverbs. And on the second part of the lesson we’ll finish talking about
Business corporation. We shall do it in the form of TV-bridge with
Bashantinsky agricultural college.
Now, let us start our lesson. Open your copybooks and write down
the date and the theme of our lesson.
3. Объяснение нового материала Степени сравнения наречий (слайды 2-8).
Студенты слушают и записывают новый материал в тетради.
4. Упражнения на закрепление нового материала.
4.1. Look at this slide and try to understand in what form we should write
the hidden words.
Their company is more profitable than yours.
Our General Manager will consider all possible offers.
Consultant Plus is more convenient than the Garant, but Garant gives
more detailed analytical information.
Our Corporation is the youngest in the region, but by many results it already
surpassed the others which appeared on the market much earlier.
This year the profit of our corporation is less, but we hope next year it will be
much more.
4.2 Make up sentences using the expressions from the two columns. Use
the superlative degree of adjectives.
fashionable colour in the family
famous building in the Zoo
amusing animals in the house
dangerous room in the city
interesting person this winter
expensive hotel in Paris
1. The kitchen is…
2. The Eiffel Town is…
3. The Hilton is …
4. Dark blue is …
5. My uncle is …
6. The monkeys are …
4.3 Fill in the blanks with the Correct form of Adverb.
(Студенты заполняют карточки, затем обмениваются ими с другими
студентами и те проверяют).
5. look at this slide. Here you can see a dialogue, but it is broken. Bring it
in order. (Диалог собирают, затем читают на следующем слайде готовый
диалог по ролям и объясняют выделенные фразы).
5.1 Play this dialogue by roles.
5.2 Explain the underlined expressions.
6. Here you have some papers with part of proverbs. And they are mixed.
Please help me collect them and call all the Adverbs you will see. Be
Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
Better late than never.
Early to bed, early to rise makes people healthy, and wealthy, and wise.
An apple a day keeps the doctors away.
East or West home is best.
7. Thank you very much! You are all fine students. It was very good for
And in conclusion I want to say you best wishes. But I am so upset today,
and lost some very important words. Please, help me with them!
Best wishes
1. Never ill. Никогда не болеть
2. Wonderfully looking. Прекрасно выглядеть
3. More often smiling. Чаще улыбаться
4. Always be dedicated. Всегда быть преданными своему делу