Конспект занятия "Anry Vietan, Belgian violinist, composer" 9 класс

Занятие для отделения “ Инструментальное
исполнительство”из цикла по теме: Music in our life.
Основная цель цикла- использование английского языка как инструмента
профессионального общения в современном мире, в качестве инструмента
индивидуального знакомства с особенностями мировой культуры.
Тема занятия: Anry Vietan, Belgian violinist, composer.
Warm up:
1. What famous violinists do you know?
Where are they from?
What are they famous for?
2. Let’s translate these phrases.
- one of the founders of the national school of violin,
- Concerto for violin and orchestra,
- Professor of the Brussels Conservatory,
- in the family of a retired officer,
- musical ability,
- participated in home concerts,
- followed by a tour of the cities,
- the scholarship of the king,
- From the first to the last note,
- that in the future he will honor his country,
- in collaboration with cellist,
- accompanied her husband in the concert trips,
- was adopted as an honorary member,
- the Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences,
- including the 4-th concert with the orchestra,
- the greatest violinists of the romantic movement,
- engaged in composition and partly teaching,
- a buyer willing to pay that amount,
- will be the most expensive.
3. Read the text and be ready to answer the questions.