Презентация "Sasha Boldachev - young harpist and composer" 6 класс

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Sasha Boldachev – young harpist and composer The atmosphere of St. Petersburg influenced Sasha’s choice. He had different feelings and emotions in his childhood, as the city is a very big and it has a lot of places of interest. He began studying music at the age of four. Music was a part of Sasha’s life. He lived together with music every day. Sasha was born on the 21 – st of January in 1990 in St. Petersburg In 1995 Sasha entered the Special Lyceum of St. Petersburg Conservatory In 1996 Sasha began composing his own music and playing concerts In 2000 he wins his first big competition 2005. Sasha is the Laureate of the European Foundation for culture. Sasha lives in St. Petersburg. Sasha’s mother, Irina sharapova, is a famous pianist and a professor at the st. Petersburg Conservatory. His father, Alexander, is an advertising and book designer. Music takes up a lot of Sasha’s time. He practises several hours every day. He also travels and performs all over the world. In Switzerland In his free time, Sasha reads and plays computer games. In summer, he goes fishing and hunts for mushrooms. Ссылки на изображения: 1.http://www.spdm.ru/sites/default/files/performers/aleksandr_boldachev.jpg 2.http://www.classicalmusic.spb.ru/boldachev/images/vinya_l.jpg 3.http://www.severinform.ru/media/img/800x600_1306487796_Bashlachov-nibera-ru.jpg 4.http://www.muzcentrum.ru/images/playbill/20160205192836388.jpg 5.http://www.littleone.ru/public/img/pnews/pnews_1435525443862_3.jpg 6. http://classical-music.ru/sites/default/files/imagecache/photo_b/p1060587.jpg 7.http://classical-music.ru/sites/default/files/imagecache/photo_b/8.jpg 8. http://isharapova.ru/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/boldachev1.jpg 9. http://musicnotabene.com/images/jury/TBmAbK-FGP4.jpg