Конспект урока "A part-time job" 9 класс

Lesson plan
Grade: 9 «ә»
Teacher: Audanova G.
Theme: «A part-time job»
The aims of the lesson:
Learn about the rights of young people in their country and the rights of young
people compared to the UK.
The type of the lesson: Integrated lesson
Methods of the lesson: explaining, question-answer
Visual aids slides, an interactive board, posters and markers, pictures, cards
Connection of the subjects: English Kazakh
Education : fix the job titles , their value , to learn new words on the theme «Job»
Developing : developing the skills of reading, speaking and writing
Educational : Education love of work , teamwork , help to determine the future of
the profession.
Equipment : interactive board , cards , handout.
The procedure of lesson
1. Org moment:
Good morning pupils! Sit down please! Open the copybooks and write
down the date and our theme.
Today we are going to speak about jobs and teenagers’ rights in our country,
repeat name of jobs
a) Please look at the blackboard. Here is a picture of jobs. Read please
phrases and name job. (слайд 1)
b) And now open your vocabulary and write down new words.(Записываем
слова, читаем перевод) (слайд 2)
2. Try to guess the words of job and write them.
d……r r…….r (слайд 3)
3. Work with text «Kids at work»
- Open the book on the page 93 and translate the text.
- Задание к тексту. Diagrams about Dmitry and Omar.
4. Comparing right of teenagers in Kazakhstan and Britain.
Work with short text
In the USA teenagers can drive at 16 and many students can have part-time
jobs at 15. At 18 they can vote. They become independent and may leave
their parent`s home.
In Britain teenagers can ride a motorbike at 16 and drive a car at 17.
Nobody can leave school before their sixteenth birthday.
Uchaschies \ divided into 2 groups , and perform the job . The board carried
out the task of " children's rights in Kazakhstan and the UK . What
5. What is important for you when applying for a job.
Arrange the criteria in descending order.
( Students are dealt cards to the criteria of the expected future profession in
English. Their mission: to put all the items in descending order. )
Getting good pay
Having interesting work
Being responsible
Contacting people
Working with nice people
Having good health
Being hardworking
Getting job satisfaction
Having good holydays
Short working hours
5. Summary of the lesson. Reflection.
6. Marking
Today you were very active. The lesson was interesting. Thank you. And listen to
you marks…
7. Conclusion.
Stand up! The lesson is over.See you soon. Good - bye!