Конспект урока "Carnival of flowers" 8 класс

The theme: “Carnival of flowers”
The aims: To get information about flowers, to develop listening, speaking, reading skills, to teach pupils
to express their opinions about the role of English and Kazakh in life.
To develop pupils logical thinking, memory attention, to develop to respect of relationship between
Equipment: Interactive board, pictures of flowers, a tape - recorder, balloons.
The procedure of the party:
Leader 1: Good evening, dear teachers and pupils!
We announce our holiday party open. Welcome to our party “Carnival of flowers” which is organized by
8 a form pupils.
Dear teachers and girls!
Taking an advantage of this beautiful party we congratulate you on “Women’s Day” with true heart! We
wish you the best of everything! Before beginning our party our singer Ainur will sing for teachers the
song “Susanna”
Accept this song as our first present for you, dear teachers!
Leader 2: Let’s begin the “ Carnival of flowers ”
Queen of flowers: My dear flowers! Spring is here.
When are you coming to the gardens and fields?
Flowers: We are coming, we are coming.
Queen of flowers: Who is coming first?
Snowdrop: I am first to come. I come then the snow is on the ground.
I have a white dress. My name is Snowdrop. Don’t you think
I am pretty?
In the heart of a seed,
Buried deep, so deep!
A little snowdrop
Lay fast asleep!
Violet: And I come next. I don’t like snow. It is cold when the snow is on the ground, I like warm days.
My dress is violet. And now, you surely know that
I am Violet?
Sweet and fresh are violets,
On every hill and dell,
And, oh! How beautiful they are!
How lovely do they smell.
Lily of the Valley: My name is Lily of the Valley.
I think you all like my small white bells.
Red and yellow, pink and blue,
The gayest flowers are just for you!
See them dancing in the breeze
Come Mary, and smell them, please!
Leader 1: Musical pause: Dance “Siniorita”. Dancers: Zhuldyz and Rashida.
Daffodil: I come next. I am yellow. I like the sun. I like to dance in the wind.
My name is Daffodil.
Once while walking in the hills,
I saw a lot of golden daffodils,
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
Buttercup: I am the last who comes in spring. I have a pretty yellow dress too.
My name is Buttercup.
Buttercups here,
Buttercups there,
Buttercups growing
Queen of flowers: Here comes Summer. Who are Summer’s flowers?
Bluebell: I am the flower of Summer. I am Bluebell. I am blue like the sky and
my dress looks like a bell.
In and out the dancing bluebells,
In and out the dancing bluebells.
In and out the dancing bluebells,
Who will be your partner?
Leader 2: Musical pause: Arai will sing the song for her teachers.
The song: “Billy boy”
Corn - flower: Blue is my colour too. I grow in the corn and make the fields beautiful. My name is Corn -
Among the meadow grasses,
Bluebells and daisies gleam,
And forget - me - nots often hide
Beside the silver stream
Sunflower: And I am like the golden sun. You can find me in the field as well.
My name is Sunflower.
Leader 1: Musical pause: Aidana will sing the song: “My Bonnie ”
Poppy: I come in Summer too. My name is Poppy.
I have two dresses: red and yellow.
High on a bright and sunny bed
A scarled poppy grew
And up it held its pretty head
And thrust it full in view.
Rose: All of you know me very well and like my sweet smell. Can’t you guess me yet? Yes, you can, of
course. I am Rose. I have many pretty dresses - red, yellow, pink and white. I come when the sun is hot.
Then I smell lovely and you know that I am here.
A fresh half - open rose is quite lovely,
As everyone knows
And what makes the rose smell so lovely?
The sun, I suppose.
Zhuldyz: Shaded and cool is the flowering garden,
Dusty and hot is the neighbouring street,
And over the wall climb the pretty roses,
Giving the passers a pleasant sweet.
Nurbagyt: Lady Spring gave a party,
The flowers by hundreds came,
The Roses, Pinks and Daisies,
And flowers of every name.
The party was very pleasant
And everybody was gay.
When in the beautiful glade
They song and danced all day.
Zhanargul: A lot of spring flowers,
And sunny warm weather,
And singing and playing -
All come together
Leader 2: Pupils of 8th form will sing the song for their mothers:
“My dear, dear Mummy”
Queen of flowers: I see. Thank you, dear flowers. Now you know when to come.
So go to the gardens and fields and make them beautiful.
Good - bye, darlings.
Flowers: Good - bye, good - bye.
Leader 1: This is the end of our holiday party.
Thank you for your attention!
Good - bye! Good luck!