Конспект урока "Our Titanic Love affair" 10-11 класс

Охрицкая Алла Ивановна,
учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ№ 6
г. Батайск Рост. обл.
Тема: «Our Titanic Love affair»
Учебник “English 10-11” под редакцией Кузовлева В.П.
Тип урока: повторительно-обобщающий.
учебный аспект: способствовать развитию языковых и познавательных
способностей, готовности к коммуникации, обучать чтению с целью
понимания общего содержания.
развивающий аспект: содействовать развитию способности к анализу,
синтезу, развитие воображения;
социокультурный аспект: способствовать ознакомлению с одним из самых
популярных фильмов «Титаник» 21 века, со статьёй «Our Titanic Love
affair» из журнала «Newsweek» , развитию ценностных ориентаций, чувств и
эмоций у школьника;
воспитательный аспект: содействовать формированию потребности и
способности понимать чужие точки зрения на социальные и гуманитарные
проблемы, достигать согласия и сотрудничать в условиях различия взглядов
и убеждений;
Дидактические средства и материалы: компьютер, мультимедийное
оборудование, аудиокурс, электронная презентация для повторения
материала по теме, подготовленная учителем.
Ход урока:
1. Организационный этап:
T.: Good morning dear friends. I’m glad to see you. How are you?
Dear friends, I’d like to start our lesson with these words.
«Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body».
Please, pay attention to the screen and read the following words. All these words
are closely related to our topic. Just guess what is it?
Слайд 1
So, our lesson is dedicated to reading, that's right.
Let's look at the screen and make a phonetic drill to make our tongue work.
слайд 2
What topic would you like to work with me during the lesson?
Choose the topic: Social Welfare/ Theatre/ Movie/ Politics.
T.: We’ve chosen the section «Movie» that’s why we have to revise all materials
concerning this topic.
3. Речевая зарядка:
T.: Many young people enjoy watching films like you and the cinema and TV
films have become the important part of our lives. Thus, cinema plays a special
role in the life of any society, let’s speak about it.
Look at the screen and decide what films do you advise your friends to see?
Which types of films do you think are worth seeing?
(Дети называют кино жанры по фото на слайде 3, обращая внимание на
написание слов):
Thriller, Romantic comedy, Historical drama, Science fiction, Action film,
Western, Cartoon, Musical, War film, Documentary, Horror film.
T.: So many men so many minds. We may say: ‘Taste differs’. Different people
like different genres of film. And I’m sure that you have your favourite movie.
What’s your favourite film?
And why?
4.Обобщение и систематизация знаний учащихся.
1. Совершенствование речевых умений учащихся
T.: Ive got my favourite films, too. As soon as it appeared on the screens it
became extremely popular. This film grabbed my attention not only for the plot
and playing actors but also for music. Can you guess this film?
слайд 4
(Звучит музыка из фильма Титаник, дети узнают фильм по музыке)
T.: Have ever seen this film? What are your impressions of the film ‘Titanic’? If
you haven’t seen this film, then discuss the music from it. Share your opinion
about this film with us.
T: Look at the ex.6 p. 209
слайд 5
Now I’ve given you an article, taken from Newsweek. Let’s read it and think over
it. And I want you to answer the question? Why was James Cameron a little bit
2. Совершенствование словообразовательных навыков на основе текста
T: Let's look at the slide your task is to use the words in brackets to form
the word that fits each space.
Слайд 6
- 1) The film is with tragic _________ (end).
- 2) It is a good _________ (melodrama) film.
- 3) How _________ (sob) the film is!
- 4) It is really __________(billion, dollar) movie
- 5) I can’t say anything. It is _________(absolute) fantastic.
- 6) To my mind the film is __________(exciting). I enjoy watching it.
- 7) 7) The film is __________ (draw) 20 % instead of 2 % .
3 .Совершенствование письменных навыков
T: You have read lately try to be a critic and decide what you can tell your
readers to encourage them to watch the film (Решите что вы можете
рассказать читателям чтобы они захотели посмотреть представление),
you may use pp 210 and 211.
5. Объяснение домашнего задания.
The tasks for you:
prepare and tell the story about Russian blockbusters/films , design a poster
about it, about the moment you like most of all.
6. Рефлексия.
T: By the way, my favourite moment of this film is the following one.
приложение 3. To my mind it is one of the most exciting and emotional
What is your feelings?
What emotions do you feel after having looking this film?
Guys, lets recollect everything we have spoken about and present our
thoughts using the cinquain.
Thank you very much!