Презентация "A place where I live" 3 класс

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«A place where I live» Урок английского языка в 3 классе What are they? Dining room Living room Kitchen Bathroom Study Toilet Bedroom complete the sentences Your mother cooks in the... You sleep in the... Your family watch TV in the... You eat in the... You have a bath in the... Your father works and reads important documents in the … line and name the odd word 1. bedroom, window, livingroom, kitchen; 2. bed, poster, wall, lamp, cosy; 3. small, cosy, new, large, shelf; 4. wardrobe, chair, armchair, sofa. Схема утвердительного предложения с there is/there are There is/are что где There is (для ед.ч.) a desk in the room. There are (для мн.ч.) two nuts on the tree. ПЕРЕВОД ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ С THERE IS/THERE ARE НА РУССКИЙ ЯЗЫК Где there is/are что В комнате есть стол. На дереве есть два ореха. Let’s do some exercises for your eyes and body!!! Make up sentences from these words 1. five, there, in the room, children, are 2. on the, there, a cat, is, sofa 3. little, balls, there, three, are, floor, on , the 4. big, dog, in the, there, hall, is 5. a cake, in the, there, picture, is. The end!