Конспект урока “A Magic Island”

Методическая разработка урока английского языка с детьми младшего школьного возраста
Lesson plan.
Spotlight, 2 year, Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Nadezhda Bykova, Marina Pospelova. Unit 15 a “A Magic Island”. Lesson.2.
Aim: By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to dress and describe what Larry and Lulu are wearing.
Skills: developing speaking/writing skills
New language: structure “He’s/She’s wearing….”
Revision: clothes, colours, seasons.
Teacher Does (Says)
Pupils Do
5 min
To revise seasons
and colours
Writes colours on the blackboard (green,
yellow, white, red)
Devide in four groups
and substitute seasons
for each colour.
Pupils stick a sheet
with the season under
the colour on the
10 min
To introduce the
To introduce the
phrase “He’s
Student’s Book ex.1 p 108
Asks to read the phrases and say what’s
Read the phrases, name
the clothes and try to
guess what is the
difference between the
phrases “He’s
wearing….” “She’s
To practice the
phrases “He’s
Asks the pupils to devide in groups and
choose the leader.
Explains the instructions: Listen and
Listen the instructions
starting with phrase
“He’s wearing/She’s
wearing….” and point.
Student’s Book ex.1 p
Pupils work in small
groups. The leader
gives the tasks.
Teacher goes around
and helps.
2 min.
For health saving
Explains the instructions: Sing and do
Sing and dance. The
leader shows the
Student’s Book ex.3 p
105, track
10 min
To practice to use
vocabulary and the
studied grammar
Explains that Larry and Lulu are going
to summer trip and asks pupils to dress
them and say what they are wearing.
Colour the pictures and
draw clothes for Larry
and Lulu.
Write the phrases about
Larry and Lulu in their
Pupils need colour
pencils and use pictures
of Larry and Lulu from
Teacher works around
and helps if necessary.
13 min
To develop
speaking skills
Asks the pupils to work in pairs and
describe what Larry or Lulu is wearing.
Starting phrase “Look! This is Larry. It’s
summer holidays…….”
Describe to each other.
May organize new
Stick their works on the
To personalise
Asks their opinion about the task, what
work is the best, what colours are good
for summer clothes.
Give their opinions.
Use self-assessment
Винокурова Татьяна Вячеславовна,
Post-lesson reflection note.
The lesson was taught in group of 14 pupils (first year of studying English).
The children are highly motivated. They enjoy English classes. Our course
book is Spotlight. We work in Student’s book and Workbook.
At the lesson the children worked in small groups, pairs and individually.
Some minutes were given for chunt. While singing the children revised the
words connected with clothes. They could move and dance.
I tried to develop such speaking subskills as accuracy, pronunciation,
functions and interactive strategies. I used a guessing game based on
information gap principle, a survey. The children liked this type of work and
did it with great interest.
The main task was to dress the main characters (Larry and Lulu) as the
children like using their favourite colours and to say what they were wearing.
To my mind the pupils liked the lesson. They were active, in good mood and
took part in every task.