Тест "Видо - временные формы в английском языке"

1.There are a lot of black clouds in the sky.It (rain).
2.I am too tired to walk home.I think I (get ) a taxi.
3.It’s a secret between us.I promise I (not,tell) anybody.
4.If you (not,eat) anything now, you (be) hungry later.
5.I (go) to a party tomorrow night.Would you like to come too?
6.There is a hole in the bottom of the boat.A lot of water is coming in
through the hole.The boat (sink).
7.Don’t worry about your exam.I’m sure you (pass) it.
8.The train (leave) Plymouth at 11.30 and (arrive) in London
at 14.45.
9.I am sorry about what happened yesterday.It (not,happen) again.
10.I (call) you as soon as he (come).
11.It’s raining. Don’t go out.You (get) wet.
12.-Did you post that letter for me?
-Oh, I’m sorry,I completely forgot.I (do) it now.
13.-The ceiling in this room doesn’t look very safe,does it?
-No,it looks as if it (fall) down.
14.Alex (get) married next month.
15.What time you (meet) Ann tomorrow?