Тест "Множественное число существительных" 10 класс

I. Choose the right alternative.
1. Your advices are/ advice is always welcome.
2. My sister is proud of her hair. It is / they are long and
3. The money belongs/ belong to him.
4. Fruit was / fruits were cheap last summer.
5. There were/There was more and more bad news coming
from Iraq.
6. We are looking for the police. Where are they / is it?
II. Give plural of the following nouns.
Bush, wife, chief, piano, lily, hero, ox, mouse, species, grown-up,
woman-doctor, furniture, crisis, criterion
III. Correct mistakes if necessary.
1. I can’t find my pyjamas. Do you know where it is?
2. His clothes was wet as he had been caught in the rain.
3. These scissor is very sharp.
4. This goods have arrived from London.
5. The stair to go to the first floor is over there.
6. Mathematic is my favourite subject at school.
I. Choose the right alternative.
1. He used to give a lot of advice. Most of it was / them were helpful.
2. I have much money. I don’t know how to use it / them.
3. The news was /were heard everywhere; they were / it was
4. I’m not sure how many fruits / how much fruit will be enough to
make a pie.
5. The situation was under control; the police was / were everywhere.
6. His hair has been / his hairs have been cut short, and he looked
very neat.
II. Give plural of the following nouns.
Foot, series, half, roof, match, photo, city, toy, hotel-keeper,
passer-by, bookcase, cactus, phenomenon, homework.
III. Correct mistakes if necessary.
1. That trousers has been too long.
2. The proceeds from the sale of the goods has been used for
3. The UN headquater is situated in New York.
4. A new glass work has been built near the village.
5. Billiards were his hobby when he was in Great Britain.
6. Physics have always been the hardest subject for me.