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Презентация "Living TOGether" 6 класс

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Living TOGether

The tongue twister

Swan swam over the sea,

Swim, swan, swim!

Swan swam back again.

Well swum, swan!

Scrambled letter

  • a y l i f m
  • r a o m d g e t h r n
  • s t r s i e
  • n l e u c
  • t e d g h r a u
  • n h b a u s d

Your next task is to match the parts

Check yourselves

Mother- a female parent

Father- a male parent

Sister- a female relative with the same parents

Brother- a male relative with the same parents

Aunt- the wife of an uncle

Cousin- the son or a daughter of an uncle or aunt

Niece- the daughter of a brother or sister

Nephew- the son of a brother or sister

Ex.2 p.142

Past simple/ Present perfect

  • Ex.9 p.141
  • Ex.11 p.141

Thank you. Well done.


ex.3,4 p.143