Самостоятельная работа "Какую школу выбрать?" 9 класс скачать

Самостоятельная работа "Какую школу выбрать?" 9 класс

Самостоятельная работа по теме «Какую школу выбрать?»
9 класс 3 четверть
I. Переведите слова и словосочетания:
higher education
a primary school
a private school
to pass an exam
an entrance examination
optional subjects
compulsory subjects
to fail an exam
a college of further education-
comprehensive school -
II. Turn the sentences into
Reported Speech (преобразовать в косвенную речь).
1. “Are you waiting for me now?” – I asked him.
I asked him _______________________________________________________
2. “Why are you making the coffee so strong?” he asked.
He asked _________________________________________________________
3. Alice said to her brother, “Have you had your breakfast?”
Alice asked her brother______________________________________________
4. Robert says to his friend, “Is the subject difficult?’
Robert asked his friend______________________________________________
5. Pete asked his friend, “Who won the game?”
Pete asked his friend________________________________________________
6. He asks, “When will the bank open tomorrow?”
He asked _________________________________________________________
7. "Do you like tea or coffee?" she says.
She asked me______________________________________________________