Конспект урока "Как мы используем компьютер в нашей жизни" 7 класс

Цель: развитие навыков говорения (монологическая речь).
- способствовать развитию культуры взаимоотношений в парах, группах;
- содействовать развитию интереса к иностранному языку;
- содействовать развитию культуры речи;
- создать условия для отработки умений в говорении, восприятии речи на слух;
- расширить кругозор учащихся;
- актуализировать знания о составляющих частях компьютера;
- развитие языковой догадки;
- создать условия для развития памяти, внимания, воображения;
- создать условия для коммуникативных навыков через работу в группах (монологическая речь);
I. Организационный момент
- Good morning, children. Sit down, please.
А) речевая зарядка.
- Who is on duty today?
-What is the weather like today? Make up a short story about today’s weather.
-There are smiles on your table. Please draw your mood on them.
How are you today?
T: Last lessons we spoke about different means of communication.
-What means of communication do you know?
P: internet, phone, telegraph, letters.
T: -How can we communicate with each other?
P: by telegraph, phone, and mail.
T: We do this by sending pieces of information to our partners.
Please match the pairs. With what means of communication can we send the information?
Computer telegram
fax e-mail
telephone fax message
telegraph phone call
skype skype call
P: соединяют.
T: Now let’s check.
P: We use a computer to send……
T: Look at the screen. You are given the words. Try to guess with what word you can
connect them.
Games, programmer, personal, graphics, program, science.
P: it is a computer.
T: You are right. Today we continue speaking about the means of communication and it will
be a computer.
Today I invite you to visit the Computer History Museum.
And how do you think what we shall know here? (слайд с картинками , где показаны , где
используются компьютеры).
Определяем цель урока.
P: how we can use computers in our life.
Постановка цели.
T: At the end of the lesson you have to be ready to give the answer for this question.
So at our lesson you will know new words and word combinations connected with the
computer. We shall read, write, speak about the computers.
Is everything clear what we shall do today at our lesson.
T: Let’s start our excursion in the museum.
- if you want to know more about the computers and save the information about it, we have
to fill our flash cards. You can find them on the desks. We have to activate them.
1) Find the right codes (ex 84 p 26)- на слайде 5 слов. Зачитываю характеристику,
дети угадывают.
-The machine which is used for sending or receiving copies of printed material, letters,
pictures along a telephone line. (a fax machine)
-A system for sending or receiving speech over long distances. (telephone)
-An international network of computers. It has electronic mail and provides a large amount of
information. ( Internet)
-An electronic machine that can store and recall information, do many processes on it.
-A method of using computers for composing, storing and receiving messages over
electronic communication systems. (e-mail)
T: We are inside. I hope you have seen the computer. Because in the first hall we see
different parts of a computer.
2) Look at the board. You see pictures and words on it.
a keyboard
a mouse
a monitor
a system unit
a screen
a mouse pad
a disk
Let’s repeat them once again.
3) T: Good of you! Thank you. And now please complete my sentences with these
1) For typing words we need (a keyboard)
2) We need it to see the pictures. (a screen, a monitor)
3) It lies on a mouse pad. (a mouse)
4) A device for storing info which is put into a CD-ROM(a disk)
5) It is a place where a mouse lies (a mouse pad)
T: Now. On your cards , write the words and try to fill the missing letters in the
following words.
a s…stem un…t , a k…ybo…rd, a m….use, a m…nitor, a d…sk, a scre…n, a m…use p….d
-Взаимопроверка. Ответы появляются на слайде. Now change the papers with each other.
And check them.
Now turn the papers and fill the gaps.
-Оценивание себя.
T: Now I invite you to the next hall.
There are a lot of pictures of using the computers in our life. Please, try to guess for what
purpose we use the computers.
на слайде появляются картинки.
Дети: для отправки. T : Let’s see how it looks in English: for sending messages.
1) for sending messages
2) for working
3) for studying
4) for playing computer games
5) for listening to music
6) for searching for information
7) for communication
8) for making calls
9) for watching films
T: Let’s say how we use computers. For example:
1) We use computers for sending messages.
2) We use computers for working.
3) We use computers for studying.
4) We use computers for playing computer games.
5) We use computers for listening to music.
6) We use computers for searching for information.
7) We use computers for communication.
8) We use computers for making calls.
9) We use computers for watching films.
III. In the next hall we are able to relax a little. Физ минутка
IV. In the next hall you see a book. It means that now we will work with our text books.
And your task is to understand what about the main heroes are speaking. Open your books at
page 27 ex.85.
Please read, and choose the main idea.
-about the school;
-about the bad and good points of the computer;
-about the holidays;
-about the games.
-.Let’s work in pairs. You see 4 texts and 5 titles on the board. You have to match texts
and their titles. Look through the texts and give each text a title. Дети читают тексты и
сопоставляют названия с текстами.
1. Friends and the Internet.
2. Future profession and a computer.
3. Parent’s positive opinion about computers
4. Computer is a waste of time.
5. Teacher’s opinion about computers.
- Now read the text once again and answer the questions.
1. How can Clare use a computer?
2. Why does Jason use a computer?
3. What are the disadvantages of using computers in Mr O’Neal’s opinion?
4. Does Mrs O’Neal like computers?
Ex 87 p 27 (computer, internet, hobby, programmer, sport, chat, museum,
information, communication)
Now it is the time to fill the table. Are you able to read and discuss the problems connected
with the computer?
Оценивают работу- могут ли они сказать о том где и как используются компьютеры.
In the next hall you see that computers are used in different jobs.
-And now let’s work in small groups. I have 4 cards with a situation. I give a card to each
group. In groups you discuss the situation and one pupil speaks aloud. For example: the first
situation is you are a programmer. How you use computer. You say that you use computer
for work, for searching for information. Other groups listen to the speaker and mark what the
speaker has said.
Situations: 1. You are a programmer.
2. You are a pupil.
3. You are a manager.
4. You are a teacher.
Now it is the time to fill the table. Are you able to make a story about the computer?
оценивают –смогут ли они составить рассказ об использовании компьютеров в разных
сферах деятельности.
Now we are at the end of our excursion.
T: Children, what have we learnt today?
-P: How we use computers.
Computers are necessary in our life. But we must not forget about our friends who want to
meet and go to the park for a walk, about parents who wait your help, about health.
Your flashcards are full of information. And now you tell me whether you understand
everything or not.
Count your points please.
- Your homework will be*
8-9 - to make up a monologue about how you use a computer.
6-7-to read the text and retell one of the opinion, ex 86 p 27
4-5-to learn the words and read and translate the text. Ex 85 p 26, ex 86 p 27
How are you now?