Конспект открытого урока "Спорт" 2 класс

Конспект открытого урока
по теме: «Спорт»
ФОРМА УРОКА: занятие-игра; подготовка к презентации
ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ: мультимедиа оборудование, аудио – и
видеозаписи, заготовки презентаций, тематические
картинки, тексты и карточки для чтения, оценочные
листы, атрибутика Олимпийских игр, игровой
инвентарь, работы учащихся.
ЦЕЛЬ: Активизировать имеющиеся в опыте учащихся знания,
полученные на уроках английского языка, или на уроках по другим
предметам, а также из литературы, газет, телепередач, интернета и
т.д. по теме «Спорт».
1.УЧЕБНЫЙ АСПЕКТ: повторение и закрепление активной
лексики раздела; формирование
коммуникативной культуры школьников,
развитие культуры устных высказываний
при работе над проектом.
2.РАЗВИВАЮЩИЙ АСПЕКТ: развитие коммуникабельности,
самостоятельности, умения сотрудничать,
развитие способности к логическому
изложению, к формированию выводов.
3.ВОСПИТАТЕЛЬНЫЙ АСПЕКТ: воспитание положительного,
уважительного отношения к истории и
культуре Великобритании и России.
Приветствие. Вступительное слово учителя. Цели и задачи урока.
T: Good morning, boys and girls. Good morning dear friends.
Cl: Good morning.
T: Welcome to our lesson. We have finished studying Unit4, «Sport».
Today we`ll practice giving an oral presentation «A new sport»,
evaluating presentations and exchanging opinions.
P: Sport. ..Sport is as old as humanity itself. All over the world
people of different ages are very fond of sport and games. Sport
not only helps people to become strong and to develop physically
but also makes them more organized in their daily activities.
It makes for a healthy mind in a healthy body. Sports help people to
stay in good health.
We all need exercise. Even if you don`t plan to make a career in sport
you still have to practice. Regular exercises give you more energy.
That is why many people who suffer from general tiredness should
take more exercises than more rest. Exercise makes you fill and look
better. A person can choose sports and games for any season and for
any taste.
a) Устный картинный диктант по теме: «Спорт».
Игра «Переводчик».
T: Look and say what kind of sport it is.
Лексические единицы для проведения диктанта:
football, high jump, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, hurdles, relay
race, hockey, javelin, basketball, discus, archery, cycling, cricket,
jogging, wrestling, yachting, ballooning, parachuting, snooker, judo,
badminton, golf, baseball, table tennis, rugby, boxing, weight lifting.
b) Классификация спортивных игр по одному признаку.
T: There are many things you can do with a ball. Name:
- 5 games where you can hit the ball;
- 4 games where you can pass the ball;
- 3 games where you can catch the ball;
- 2 games where you can kick the ball;
- 1 game where you can hit the ball with your head.
Ответы учащихся.
Cl: 1. tennis, table tennis, squash, badminton, cricket, baseball, hockey;
2. football, rugby, American football, hockey, basketball;
3. rugby, American football, cricket, baseball, basketball;
4. football, rugby;
5. football.
c) Развитие языковой догадки. Индивидуальные карточки.
Игра «Догадайся».
T: Read and say which description fits which game.
1. The most popular English summer game, played on a green field, very
slowly and tasting a long time by two teams of 11 players each.
2. The sport of fighting in gloves. (Boxing.)
3. The sport of flying in a balloon. (Ballooning.)
4. The sport of sliding on a small board with wheels. (Skateboarding.)
5. A very popular outdoor game, played on a court with rackets in which
the ball must pass back and forth over a net. (Lawn tennis.)
6. A slow run for exercise. (Jogging.)
7. A sport in which two people fight, each trying to throw the other to
the ground. (Wrestling.)
8. Climbing a mountain. (Mountaineering.)
9. Sailing, travelling or racing on a yacht. (Yachting.)
10. Dropping from the aircraft using a parachute. (Parachuting.)
12. A sport where referee says 3-0 (three-nil). (Football.)
13. Racing down an ice-covered track in a small vehicle. (Bobsleighing.)
Мини-рассказы учащихся о британских спортивных соревнованиях.
Игра «Найди пару».
T: Look at the blackboard. Match the following major British sporting
events and places to the name of the sport.
Запись на доске. Разбросаны надписи по классу.
1. Wembley Stadium a. Golf
2. Wimbledon b. Regatta
3. Derby c. Marathon
4. Open Championship d. Tennis
5. Five Nations Union Tournament e. Boat race
6. London City Streets f. Horse race
7. Oxford, Cambridge g. Horse race
8. Royal Ascot h. Football
9. Henley i. Rugby
Ответы: 1.h; 2.d; 3.f; 4.a; 5.i; 6.c; 7.e; 8g; 9.b.
P1, P2, P3…: (делают краткие сообщения на основе домашних
индивидуальных заданий).
T: Will you take the papers, please? You will read the text. But you have some
new words. Look at the blackboard. I want to listen to how you can read these
На доске: fraternity-братство
were forbidden-было запрещено
P1, P2, P3… Cl
T: P1, read the first task, please.
P1: (читает задание).
T: I give you 2 minutes.
Cl: (читает текст шепотом).
T: Answer the question, please.
P1, P2, P3…: (отвечают на первый вопрос). The text is about the history of the
Olympic Games.
T: P2, read the second and the third tasks, please.
P2: (читает 2 и 3 задание).
T: You will read one by one. P3, begin, please.
P1, P2, P3…: (читают текст вслух).
T: You have 2 minutes. Work in pairs. Then you will read your answers.
Gr: (выполняют задание в рабочих тетрадях в парах).
T: Now let`s check your knowledge. P1, P2, we will listen to you.
P1, P2: (читают предложения по очереди).
Ключи:1c; 2d; 3b; 4b; 5b; 6c; 7c.
Просмотр небольшого видеоролика.
T: (Предоставляет слово ученикам-журналистам).P1, P2, come here and
present your film.
P1: I want you to watch our first film. It`s about my school, my classmates and
certainly about sport.
Сценарий фильма.
Сцена 1.
Vitalik: (У входа в школу.) Hi, I`m Vitalik and this is my school. Welcome.
(Входит в школу.)
Сцена 2.
Vitalik: (Поднимается на свой этаж и перед тем, как войти в свой класс,
говорит.) Look, this is my classroom and these are my classmates. (Открывает
дверь.) Hi! Привет!
Cl: (Делают утреннюю зарядку.) Привет! Hi!
Vitalik: Everyday they do morning exercises. They play sports. Some of them train
hard and take part in different competitions. Sometimes they win, sometimes they
Сцена 3.
Vitalik: ( Идет в спорт зал.) Our gymnasium. Take Dima, for example. He is the
number one player in our basketball team. Dima! (Машет, подзывает
одноклассника.) Hi, Dima! Do you like basketball?
Dima: Yes, I do. I like basketball. I have played basketball since 200* .
In 200* we won the gold/silver/ bronze medal. I was really happy.
Vitalik: Is your hobby connected with your future profession?
Dima: No, my ambition is to be healthy and handsome boy.
Vitalik: Good luck! Good bye!
Dima: Bye!
Сцена 4.
Vitalik: Listen! What a nice music it is! (Входит в актовый зал. Девочки
танцуют.) I wish I danced but
Сцена 5.
Vitalik: People say: «In a healthy body there is a healthy spirit». And they take part
in competitions. The Olympic Games are the world`s
number one sporting event and the sport festival where almost all kind of sports are
present. Now all my friends are working. They are searching for projects. Hi!
(Теперь он снова в классе.)
Cl: Hi, Vitalik! Hi, Lyuda!
Vitalik: Let`s have a rest. Will you answer my questions, please?
Cl: Yes.
Vitalik: I want to know what the Olympic flag symbolizes.
P1: The Olympic flag has a white background with no border. In the centre there is
placed the Olympic symbol of five interlocked rings. The blue ring symbolizes
Europe, the black ring- Africa, the red ring-America, the yellow ring-Asia, the
green ring-Australia. The Olympic flag appeared in the Olympic competition for
the first time in 1920.
Vitalik: Thank you. What do you know about the Olympic flame?
P2: The Olympic flame has been the traditional attribute of the Olympic Games
since 1936. It is set aflame by the sun`s rays on Mt. Olympus and then it is carried
hand-to-hand by the relays of runners from the original site of the Olympic Games.
It burns in the special bowl in the stadium as a symbol of peace among men.
Vitalik: The Olympic motto is in Latin. What does it mean?
P3: The Olympic motto is «Citius, altius, fortius». These Latin words mean:
«Faster, higher, stronger». Since 1920 it has been used in the Olympics.
P4: And I know some mascots. The mascot of Moscow 1980 Olympic Games was
bear «Misha». The mascot of Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games was a cartoon dog
«Coby». The mascot of Athens 2004 Olympic games for Russian sportsmen was
P5: And I know that at the opening ceremony there is a parade of all sportsmen of
every nation who take part in the Olympic Games. They carry their national flags
and wear different beautiful uniforms. After the
parade a cultural performance takes place.
P6: And I know that the 22
summer Olympic Games were held in Moscow in
1980. It was the first time the Olympic Games were held in
our country. Our sportsmen won 80 gold, 69 silver, 46 bronze medals during this
Games .
Vitalik: Thank you, my friends. Now, finish your projects. See you later. Bye!
Cl: Bye!
Vitalik: Ну, что же. Посмотрим, что у них получится…Выключай.
P: (входит в класс с плакатом). The international Sport Federation is searching
for projects on newly- invented sports. The best project will get an award of $
1,000,000. You are going to take part in this competition. ( Раздает задания
T: Count the scores and pass your evaluation cards.
Cl: (Подсчитывают суммы баллов, набранных учениками.)
T: The jury will count the scores and announce the marks.
The lesson is over. See you tomorrow. Good bye, my dear friends!
Приложения к уроку
Образцы текстов для домашнего чтения.
Football is the most popular sport in the United Kingdom. England,
Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own Football Leagues and
National teams. Games are played from August to April. A very important
competition is the FA Cup. The two teams which are the winners of the FA Cup
competition, play in the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London in May.
Tennis tournaments at Wimbledon are one of the four «grand slam» tennis
tournaments and the leading «grass court» event.
A great number of people play and watch tennis. The innumerable tennis
courts of Britain are occupied by people between the ages of 16 and 60 who show
every degree of skill- from practically helpless to extremely able.
Tennis tournaments at Wimbledon are known all over the world. Lawn
tennis was first played in Britain in the late 19
century. The most famous British
championship is Wimbledon, played annually during the last week of June and the
first week of July. The finals are played on the Central Court.
The Derby is a very important annual horse race held in England in May or
June, on a day which is known as Derby Day. The Derby has been run at Epsom
near London since 1780. The Derby is perhaps the most famous single sporting
event in the whole world.
The Royal Ascot is a four-day horse-racing event held at Ascot, a suburb of
London, every June. It is one of the most important races in Britain. It is especially
popular with upper-class people. Members of the royal family always attend it.
One of the days is called Ladies` Day, and some of the women like to wear very
big and unusually looking hats.
Golf is a game that in its simplest form requires the player to hit by means of
a specially designed club, a small solid ball from one point to another in the fewest
possible strokes. Golf is a Scottish national game. It originated in the 15
The most famous golf course in the world, known as Royal and Ancient Club, is at
St. Andrew`s Scotland.
The oldest golf tournament is the British Open, first held in 1860 at the
Prestwick Course in Scotland.
Rugby football has existed in Britain since the beginning of the 19
when a teacher at Rugby school, while playing football, decided it would be better
to pick up the ball and run with it.
The Five Nation Rugby Union Tournament is held annually between
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France.
The London Marathon is a long distance race. That`s the distance from
Windsor Castle to the White City Stadium in London. People have run the London
Marathon since 1981. Over 25,000 runners take part in the London Marathon.
The Boat Race is a rowing race on the River Thames. It is held every year at
the end of March or the beginning of April between teams from Oxford University
and Cambridge University. The eight rowers in each boat have a great struggle,
and at the end there is only a short distance between the winners and the losers.
The University boat race started in 1820 and has been rowed on the Thames
almost every spring since 1836. It is a popular national event and is shown on TV.
The Henley Regatta is a meeting for race between rowing boats at Henley, a
town on the Thames. At the Henley Regatta in Oxfordshire, founded in 1839,
crews from all over the world compete each July in various kinds of race over a
straight course of 1 mile 550 yards (about 2.1 km.) It is an important social event
for upper-class and fashionable people.
Задание по чтению.
Reading comprehension.
Read the text in a whisper. Choose the right answer.
What is the text about?
The text is about…
A. the Olympic Games.
B. the history of the Olympic Games.
C. the modern Olympic Games.
The world`s greatest international sports games are known as the Olympic
The Olympic idea means friendship, fraternity and cooperation among the
people of the world. The Olympic Movement proves that real peace can be
achieved through sport. The Olympic emblem is five interlinked rings: blue,
yellow, black, green and red. Any national flag contains at least one of these
The original Olympic Games began in ancient Greece in776 B. C. These
games were part of a festival held every fourth year in honor of the God, Zeus at
the place called Mount Olympus. It was a great athletic festival, including
competitions in wrestling, foot racing and chariot racing, rowing and others. The
games were for men only. Greek women were forbidden not only to participate but
also to attend the Olympics.
The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896. Then they
were resumed in London after the Second World War. Since then the Olympics are
held every fourth year in different countries.
The ancient Greeks had no winter sports. Only in 1924 the first Winter
Olympic Games were held in France. Now they are held regularly.
Everybody knows about the Olympic Games. Besides there are the Olympic
Games for people with a physical disability the Paralympics. Disabled people
take part in different competitions. People who are blind play goal-ball. It`s played
with a ball which contains a bell.
2. Read the text aloud.
3. Work in pairs . Find the answer to the questions .
Домашнее задание.
Students’ projects.
«A newly-invented sport».
1. A brief description of your sport:
- name;
- kind (team, individual, winter, summer, etc.);
- place where it can be played or performed;
- equipment necessary;
- rules.
2. Explanation of the advantages of this sport:
- How will this sport motivate people who are generally not interested in
- What age groups can do this sport?
- How will it help people to improve their health?
- Can disabled people do this sport?
- Is this sport safe? If it is risky, then how risky is it? Why have you thought of
a risky sport?
3. Make up an advertisement for the sport (poster, advert, TV advert, brochure,
Оценочный лист
An oral
New words.
Sum total.
1. Tanya
2. Alina
3. Marina
4. Lyuda
5. Vitalik
6. Igor
7. Yana
8. Sonya
9. Yulya
10. Olga
11. Dima
Excellent 3 points.
Good 2 points.
Not bad 1 point.
Bad 0 points.
12б выставили 11-12 учащихся -«5»
12б 9-10 -«4»
12б 6-8 -«3»
Задания карточки для разминки
The most popular English summer game, played on a green field, very slowly and
tasting a long time by two teams of 11
players each.
The sport of fighting in gloves.
The sport of flying in a balloon.
The sport of sliding on a small board with wheels.
A very popular outdoor game, played on a court with rackets in which the ball
must pass back and forth over a net.
A slow run for exercise.
A sport in which two people fight, each trying to throw the other to the ground.
Climbing a mountain.
Sailing, traveling or racing on a yacht.
Dropping from the aircraft using a parachute.
Racing down an ice-covered track in a small vehicle.