Конспект урока "Travelling. America and its symbols" 4 класс

Тема: Travelling. America and its symbols”.
Цель: формирование лексических навыков по теме: «Путешествия»
Образовательная - содействовать формированию навыков устной речи;
Развивающая содействовать развитию речевой активности, памяти, образного
мышления, познавательного интереса, рефлексии деятельности;
Воспитательная – содействовать формированию коммуникативных навыков и
развитию активности на уроке
Формируемые УУД:
Познавательные – формирование умений самостоятельно формулировать проблему,
строить высказывание
Коммуникативные – формирование умений выражать свои мысли в соответствии с
коммуникативной задачей, осуществлять учебное сотрудничество
Личностные – формирование личностно-ценностного восприятия собственной речевой
деятельности и речевой деятельности партнеров
Регулятивные – формирование умений в сфере целеполагания, планирования и оценки
собственной деятельности
Этапы урока:
1. Мотивация к учебной деятельности
Good morning, my dear friend! I’m very glad to see you. Sit down please. How are you
today? How do you feel? The first, choose the picture describing your emotions and show to
us. Look at the slide, please. (слайд 1)
2.Формулирование темы урока
I see you are fine. But now I offer you close your eyes. When you hear the sound open your
eyes and look at the screen. (видео)
Where are we now? What country did you watch at this video? Who can name it? What do
you think we are going to speak about today? What is the topic of our lesson?
3.Постановка целей и задач урока
Yes, you are right. The topic of our lesson is America and its symbols. What will we do at
our lesson? (этапы слайд)
4.Фонетическая зарядка
Let’s begin. Look at the slide, please and try to read the poem after me. Who wants to read
the poem yourself? (слайд+стихотворение)
Take a bus or take a train,
Take a boat or take a plane,
Take a taxi, take a car,
Maybe near or maybe far,
Take a rocket to the moon,
But be sure to come back soon.
I like your reading very much!
5.Повторение изученного лексического материала
Now look at this task. Fill in the missing words. You can use your student’s book.
Pl_ne, tr_vel, tr_in, seas_de, fl_, t_xi, l_ggage
Let’s check up. Change the cards in the pair and correct the mistake. Look at the slide please.
6.Основная часть урока
As our topic is Symbols of America let’s learn about these symbols. You have some
envelops at your desks. Take them and do the puzzle. This puzzle will help you to learn
about the symbols.
7.Чтение текста о символах
What can you see on these pictures? Yes, they are symbols of America. Who can name
them? What do you know about them? Let’s read about these symbols. You have some little
information about every symbol. (мозайка+текст)
The American flag is often called "The Stars and Stripes". It represents the growth of the
The eagle became the national emblem of the country in 1782. You can see the eagle on the
back of a dollar bill.
The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of American democracy. It is one of the first things
people see when they arrive in New York by sea.
The United States dollar is the official currency of the United States. It is divided into 100
smaller cent units.
The United States Capitol is the home of the United States Congress. It is the seat of
the United State government.
You are right. Well done.
Now let’s have a rest. Stand up and be ready to repeat some exercises. (физминутка)
9.Введение нового грамматического материала о предлогах
Lets continue our work. Look at the slide please and answer what can you see on these
pictures? How can we name them in common words?
By plane, by bus, by train, by car, by ship, by bike, on foot
10.Подготовка к монологическому высказыванию
Yes, they are types of travelling. What about you? What type of travelling do you prefer?
Think and say:
As for me I like travelling…
11. Закрепление изученного грамматического материала
Now you have some grammar cards on your desks. Take them and complete the sentences
with the prepositions:
1. I saw him riding into town on / by his bike yesterday.
2. He’d rather go on / by bus than drive there himself.
3. She sent him home in / by a taxi.
4. That’s much too far to travel on / in foot.
5. She rode through town on / by her horse.
6. Let’s go home in / by taxi.
7. She sometimes gets sick when travelling on / by ship.
8. The quickest way to get there is on / by car.
I’ll check them after the lesson.
12.Подведение итогов
The next work is to think about the knowledge you have get at today lesson. What new
information did you know?
What was easy and what was difficult for you?
13.Домашнее задание
You can see the train on the blackboard. I want you to choose the carriage of the colour you
want: yellow, pink and orange. Take the picture of boy or girl and put it on the carriage.
Thank you for your good work! The lesson is over. Good bye!