План-конспект урока "Культурный уголок. Путешествие по Темзе" 10 класс

План-конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе
по теме «Культурный уголок. Путешествие по Темзе»
“Take a Trip along the Thames”
Цель урока: расширение кругозора учащихся о стране изучаемого языка
а) формирование и развитие навыков исследовательской деятельности
б) совершенствование умения и навыков практического владения английским
Образовательные задачи:
Формировать и совершенствовать лексические навыки;
Совершенствовать навыки чтения и аудирования;
Совершенствовать навыки монологической речи.
Воспитательные задачи:
Воспитывать уважение к различным государствам;
Воспитывать интерес и уважение к истории государств;
Воспитывать гордость к собственной стране.
Лингвистические задачи:
Формировать интерес обучающихся к стране изучаемого языка;
Познакомить с различными историческими и культурными данными.
Оборудование урока: магнитофон с диском, интерактивная доска,
мультимедийный проектор, презентации, раздаточный материал.
Технологии: обучение в сотрудничестве, проектная технология.
Организационный момент.
Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you here. Today I invite you to mare a
journey. Do you like to travel? Looking at these photos can you guess where we are
going to travel today? Right, we are going to travel around the Thames and to know
some facts about London’s sights. I want you to understand how beautiful and
wonderful the capital of the United Kingdom is. Besides, I’d like you to remember the
best Russian sights.
Фонетическая разминка.
But first of all I'd like you to pronounce some words from the page “Culture corner”.
Look at the words on the blackboard. Be very attentive and try to remember them,
because they are of a great importance. First of all repeat them after me.
{л} - London, money, dungeon, thoroughly
{i} - wits, incredible, millennium, Ripper, exhibit
{e} - Thames, leaflet, medieval, fortress, experience
{ou} - dome, Globe, boat, mole, stone
{эe} - Rambler, cannon, palace, cathedral, attraction
{au} - Tower, Crown, power, Tower Bridge, flower
Отработка новых выражений их упражнения №1 стр 95.
And now students, look at the leaflet which is given in Ex. 1 p 93. How do you think
what this leaflet is about? Yes, right you are. They are about different tourists
attractions along the river Thames. Call me please the names of these attractions.
Didn’t you forget about the London Aquarium and St Paul’s Cathedral? I think you
have noticed some new words here. Looking at the sheets of paper, try to find out
Russian equivalents to the unknown words.
birds eye view смотреть с высоты птичьего полёта
experience of a lifetime испытывать нечто незабываемое
millennium тысячелетие
Served many purposes сгодился
Medieval средневековье
A fortress крепость
Scared out of your wits испугаться до потери сознания
Faint-hearted –трусливый
Jack the Ripper Джек-Потрошитель
Great Plague великая чума
Thoroughly –вполне, совершенно
Чтение текста с пониманием содержания
And now read the texts of the exercise and find out what you can do, see and learn at
the different tourists attractions along the Thames.
I think you can have a ride on the … ( London Eye)
I think you can learn about history at the… (the Tower, the London Dungeon)
I think you can see a play at… (Shakespeare Globe Theatre)
I think you can
Подбор синонимов
Thank you and now you will work in pairs. I'll give you the cards and you should
match the word combinations and the explanations . You should also make up your
own sentences.
Get on and off easily, usually without having to buy a new ticket ( hop on and
Worth more than the money it costs (great value for money)
A period of a thousand years, the celebration at the end of a thousand year
period (millennium)
The view of something when you are looking down on it from a height
(bird’s eye view)
To be extremely frightened or terrified (scared out of your wits)
A building like a castle (a fortress)
Something you do that is unforgettable (the experience of a lifetime)
Someone is not very confident and is afraid to do things that might be
dangerous (faint-hearted)
The historical period which lasted from the end of the Roman Empire to the
Renaissance (medieval)
Has been used for many different things (served many purposes)
A prison (Dungeon)
A great disaster, an illness of the 17
century, when thousands of people died
(Great Plague)
A 19
century London murderer (Jack the Ripper)
The next task is to complete the gaps in the texts with the correct words derived
from the words in brackets and translate these words into Russian.
to thrill - thrilling
To amaze - amazing
Fame - famous
Usual - unusual
Thorough - thoroughly
Perform - performance
Education - educational
Exhibit - exhibition
Аудирование текстов упр. 1 стр 95
Now I'd like you to watch a short film. You should watch, listen and say what
information is missing in the text. What music is used in this text? What do you
know about this band and their songs?
Совершенствование навыков монологической речи. (Ученики в роли
We’ll watch this film once again but without the sound.
Imagine you are guides on a River Thames. Look at the texts once again, close the
book and speak about the sightseeings.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the River Thames boat trip,
which I hope you will enjoy. We are now just passing the London Eye on the left
Now we'll play the game «Read the word correctly”. I suggest you a list of words.
You must read them word by word by chain. If you are mistaken, you must sit down
and your turn comes to your neighbor. He pronounces the same word. If he is right,
the turn will come to his neighbor. The winner is a student who pronounces all the
words without mistakes. And today he won’t get “5”, but he’ll get a funny and
interesting present.
London, Eye, Shakespeare, money, arsenal, mirrors, faint-hearted, Dungeon,
Beefeaters, thoroughly, Plague, wits, value, millennium, Ripper, exhibit,
scared, labyrinth, Thames underground, leaflet, medieval, fortress, experience,
dome, Globe, boat, Rambler, cannon, palace, cathedral, attraction, Tower,
Crown, Jewels, Bridge, theatre, Great Fire, permanent.
The next task is to divide into three groups and put the questions to the information
about the sightseengs of London. I’ll give you some cards which help you. Then you
should ask and answer each other and get points.
What are the most famous sights of London do you know?
When was London Eye built? (2000)
Where can you learn about the Great Plague? (The London Dungeon)
When was the recent Globe completed? (1997)
What can you see in the Tower of London? (the incredible Crown Jewels)
Who was the founder of the Globe? (Shakespeare)
What is beefeaters’ business? (to feed crows)
How many beefeaters are there in the Tower? (38)
Where is a scary labyrinth of mirrors situated? (The London Dungeon)
Which sight of London has its incredible dome? (St Paul’s Cathedral)
What is the main river of the UK? (The Thames)
Объяснение домашнего задания. (Упр. 4 стр. 95)
At home you should make a project. You can divide into groups of 2-3
Design an information leaflet for tourists coming to your town.
Decide on three or four places to visit .
Write what someone can do/see there.
Use pictures.
Рефлексия. Выставление оценок.