Конспект урока "Путешествие по реке Темзе"

Thу web quest we are going to present is addressed to10
formers as it requires quite good level of language
skills and some basic knowledge of British culture, art and history. Moreover, the students are expected to work
out a final project which is a web-site and written and analytical skills are necessary.
It is the fact that over the centuries the Thames has been central to the growth and prosperity of London and
many of the City's famous buildings and attractions are located along its banks.
You will be a guide on a River Thames boat trip and you will show London from a completely different
The purpose of this web-quest is to issue a web-page “River Thames boat trip”, demonstrating 3 famous
Westminster Palace
London Eye
Tower of London
Using the resources provided, you will work in 3 separate groups of 3 .Now it is the time to divide into groups.
You may choose the partner you are going to work. Each group will choose one London attraction listed on
this papers. Your task will be to find out information about the location, history, opening times and prices of
admission of this attraction.
Each person in your group will have an important role in the success of your project.
Role 1 Historian This member of your group will be responsible for researching and reporting on the history
of chosen attraction.
Role 2 Photographer This member of your group will be responsible for collecting photographs. Of course,
your web-page will be much more attractive with photos, so collect as many as possible to make your web-page
the most interesting one.
Role 3 Web-masters This member of your group will be responsible for designing, generating and revising
your web-page.
The final result of your cooperation should be a completed web-page.
Step 1
Now you will need to decide is who will take on what roles within your group. Each group will need one person
to fill each of the following positions.
1. Historian
2. Photographer
3. Web-master
I give you time to think it over
Step 2
Now that you are in your groups and the responsibilities have been divided up, it is time to begin your web-
Group 1: Go to http://www.parliament.uk/about/livingheritage/building.cfm
Gather information about The Palace of Westminster
Tell about:
1. History
2. Exterior. Towers
3. Interior
4. Lords Chamber
5. Commons Chamber
6. Westminster Hall
Give practical information about visiting the Palace of Westminster (admission prices, summer opening ...)
Group 2: Go to http://www.londoneye.com/
Gather information about the London Eye.
Tell about:
1. Design and construction
2. History
Give practical information about visiting the London Eye (admission prices, opening times ...)
Group 3: Go to http://www.hrp.org.uk/TowerOfLondon/
Gather information about the Tower of London.
Tell about:
1. History
2. Ravens
3. Prisoners
4. Yeomen Warders
5. Crown Jewels
Give practical information about visiting the Tower (admission prices, opening times ...)
To get more information about London attractions, visit web-sites:
Step 3:
Have you done the research on London attraction?It is time to present it to the audience.
You have an opportunity to take a virtual trip along the Thames. This task has enabled you to combine your
skills with the tools and information available on the Internet in order to create a web-page.
You have learned how to collect and choose suitable information for such projects and combine them so that it
makes a reasonable work as a whole.
I hope you have enjoyed working together and sharing your knowledge and experience.