Конспект урока "Where can we go on holidays?" 3 класс

Lesson № 8
Date 26.10
Class 3 А
Topic: Where can we go on holidays?
Educational: to introduce the famous attractions of London,
Developing: to develop pupils’ listening, reading, speaking skills.
Pedagogical: To realize the moral education in respect for people, country, customs,
traditions, culture.
The type of the lesson: open lesson
The form of the organization of the lesson: class work, pair work
The didactical supply of the lesson: teacher's Guide, student’s book “English 3”,
Class CD, video, cards, pictures.
The duration of the lesson
I. The organizational moment
Good morning children!
How are you?
I am glad to see you today!
What day is it today?
What’s the weather like today?
II. Actualization:
Teacher: The theme of our today’s lesson is “Where can we go on holiday?” Children,
tell me please where we can go on holiday? (pupils’ own answers)
Yes, you’re right! There are many interesting places to go on holiday and one of them
is London
III. Phonetic drill.
So first of all, let’s train our tongue with the poem about London (on the screen)
Up, down, up, down
Which is way to London town?
Where? Where?
Up in the air,
Close your eyes and you’re there!”
Pupils read the poem twice with the teacher.
IV. The forming of new knowledge and methods of actions
1) Today we are going to speak about London and its most famous sights. (there is
a map pf Great Britain on the screen)
London is the capital of Great Britain. Great Britain is situated in the north of
Europe. Its flag is read, blue and white. Children, let’s color the flag of GB.
(children color the flag)
2) Look at the blackboard. Here are some new words related to the sights of
London. Let’s learn them together. (there are the names and pictures of the
most attractions of London)
The Buckingham Palace –Букенгемский дворец
The London Eye колесо обозрения «Лондонский глаз»
The London Zoo Лондонский зоопарк
The Sea Life London Aquarium Лондонский океанариум
Big Ben - часы
The Tower Bridge Тауэрский мост
Hyde Park - парк
Trafalgar Square Трафальгарская площадь
(The teacher reads and explains the names. Pupils read and learn the names together
with the teacher)
3) Children, do you want to go an excursion about London? Then let’s watch the
video about London’s sightseeings (video on the screen 5 min)
What did you see? What kind of attractions can you see? What are they? Did
you like the video ( short discussion on the video)
4) And now we’re going to do some tasks on the book.
Ex 2 p 24. Listen and read about the attractions of London. (pupils listen and read
about the sights of London, then translate)
Ex 3 p 25. Say True or False. (pupils read the sentences and say True or False).
5) Here are some additional tasks on cards. (Pupils read what some people want to
see in London and say thy places they can go to).
6) Pairwork. Do the puzzle (pupils are given the puzzles of the famous sights of
London. While doing this task pupils listen to the song about London)
V. Home task
To learn the names of the famous attractions of London.
6. Results
You were very active today. (the teacher gives marks)
7. Reflection
So what did you learn today, children?
How did you like today’s lesson?